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Europe tops tourism rankings

Europe is the most popular holiday destination in the world. In 2016, half a billion people visited the 28 countries of the European Union.

Europe’s tourism business provides 12 million people with jobs. It generates 10% of economic output. In fact, the sector supports 25 million jobs, both directly and indirectly! In the next 10 years, that number will increase. Tourism has the greatest potential to create new jobs and growth in the EU.

Tourism is the largest employer of young people, migrants, part-time workers and women. It’s the main entry point to the labour market and provides job opportunities to people who want to re-enter the market.

Promote quality of jobs and develop appropriate skills

Keeping European tourism competitive relies on matching job seekers with the skills tourism businesses want. New trends in technology are transforming how people travel. New destinations outside the EU will increase the competition for business. Tourism is moving from selling rooms and meals to selling experiences and emotions.

What is Jobs in Tourism?

Jobs in Tourism is part of a communication and awareness raising campaign developed in the framework of the “Blueprint for sectoral cooperation on skills in tourism: Enhancing the image of careers in the tourism sector”, an initiative of the European Commission implemented by Scope (Intrasoft International).

Jobs in Tourism promotes a more positive image of the sector. This will help job seekers understand the diversity and advantages of a career in tourism. Tourism businesses will be able to attract new and qualified job seekers, students or young graduates.

Jobs in Tourism supports individuals in enhancing their careers in the tourism sector and encourages businesses to make tourism careers more attractive.

In 2018, a communication and awareness campaign will be held at EU level and in six EU countries: Greece, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Romania and Spain.

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What are the Jobs in Tourism aims?

  • Enhance the positive aspects of tourism, such as the transnational and multicultural dimension
  • Showcase the variety of tourism careers
  • Highlight existing EU tools and initiatives for the tourism labour market
  • Emphasise the need for on-the-job training and opportunities

What are the challenges?

  • Skills of the workforce currently do not meet the needs of the market
  • A poor image of tourism careers and prospects prevents job seekers from entering the profession
  • Tourism businesses need to embrace the latest digital technologies to stay competitive
  • Tourism education and training need to adapt to provide skills needed now and in the future
  • Poor wages or working conditions lead to high turnover and inability to retain staff
  • A lack of strategies to attract and retain skilled people to the tourism profession

What do we need to do?

  • Provide career pathways that benefit job seekers and tourism businesses
  • Make sure tourism job seekers have the right skills to get the right job
  • Support tourism businesses to provide training for employees and adopt new technologies
  • Help navigate entry into the tourism job market
  • Make training and education match the real-life needs of job seekers and tourism businesses
  • Use initiatives and tools that exist to support tourism for businesses and job seekers

Looking for a career in tourism?

Offering a career in tourism?


Past Events 10
Upcoming Events 1
  • Official launch of "Tourism: a world of opportunities" project campaign
    29 June 2018
    Belgium, Brussels
  • The World Youth and Student Travel Conference (WYSTC)
    18-21 September 2018
    Edinburgh, UK
  • The tourism sector facing the challenge of training and employment in the 21st century
    26 September 2018
    Santander, Spain
  • Tourism Innovation and the Future in Mayo
    27 September 2018
    Mayo County
  • Tourism, a world of opportunities
    1 October - 5 October 2018
    Msida, Malta
  • Tourism, a world of opportunties
    10-12 October 2018
    Rimini, Italy
  • World Travel Market
    1-2 November 2018
    London, UK
  • European Tourism Day
    7 November 2018
    Brussels, Belgium
  • PHILOXENIA - Tourism, a world of opportunities
    9-11 November 2018
    Thessaloniki, Greece
  • TTR Romanian Tourism Fair II
    15-18 November 2018
    Bucharest, Romania


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