Antichat girls

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As well as curated coupons daily to your inbox. Forgot password? New in 4. New avatar - Corgi Your new ideas for avatars, accessories, and features are always welcome at help antiland. Cyber Eye - a new accessory inspired by one of our users, who is going to be the first one to own it! Fixed crash on log out. Upgraded images of some avatars, including sloth to match the stickers 3. Improved the speed of the app! Bug fixes Stay healthy, avoid stress, and stay connected with the community online during the lockdown. With Love, Your AntiLand. Every week the system chooses the winner based on her activity!

Check if your avatar supports the stickers now More improvements: - Purchases must work like a swiss watch with no bugs anymore - Fixed bugs with links, deletes, chat moderation, superpowers, avatars, accessory coordinates, and lags when opening the app. Every week the system chooses who it's going to be based on activity! This update is extremely important for the safety of our community. We have ificantly improved our automatic pre-moderation system that most of the user-generated inappropriate content will not reach the eyes of our dear users.

We have grown to a multi-million community and now it's our common responsibility to support the clean chat rooms which promote good vibes, health, respect, tolerance, creativity, and mutual assistance. We've met amazing friends on this app, which have become our family.

Now let's unite our forces promoting the topics which make this world a better place! If you have any technical issues or wishes to Support AntiLand. Enter the address associated with your , and we will you a link to reset your password. Create a free for the full AppGrooves experience. Finish setting up your for the full AppGrooves experience.

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New Bundles in Friends. App Bundles by Life Goals. Top Apps in Lifestyle. Pinterest 4. Amazon Alexa 4. Google Home 4. GoLocator: Family Location Finder 2. Nextdoor: Local Updates, Recommendations and Deals 4. Adults Only Social Group Club. Free In-App Purchases. Share Save Saved. Go to App Details. Most Helpful Most Recent Community 2 1. By DragonLovin. To start with, most of these 5 star reviews are fake as the app has a mod tell you to send them a ss of a 5 star review for benefits.

This is a good app with a good idea. However the mods on this are horrible. You can get banned and put in jail for the dumbest things. Banned and jailed mean if you violate their rules and the system seems it bannable you get sent to jail where you cannot message anyone. Only in the group chat with all the other banned members. Some people deserve to be there but the majority of us do not.

I got jailed three times. One I did violate the rules by accident. The other time I got banned was because I said the time and it took it as I was giving my . Lastly I got banned for no reason and I cannot identify this reason. But due to the really crappy mods and majority of people get banned or jailed, it gets two stars. Awful App May 29, By Jerking birds. I downloaded this app hoping to find people of my lifestyle. I'm an overweight woman look for others to talk to about weight. So when I clicked on a group chat that said overweight discussion I found tons of inappropriate pictures.

I found people asking about bra sizes. Whenever I started messaging into that group I got 10 private text message asking for inappropriate pictures of my body. I immediately told them they are sick and deleted them. I eventually deleted the group chat because of how disgusting the pictures being sent. I went back onto my phone a day later to see that I was put in "prison" for breaking policy. Is your policy telling inappropriate people to screw off?

Is it policy for trying to escape people trading pictures. If so, your policy is fake! I was put with people who got in or trying to fix your app. I'm disgusted by whoever placed me with prison for clearing up chaos in group chats. I read other reviews and editors responses and they agree!

If a editor responds to me telling me I must of broke policy, That's a lie! I feel disrespected for being told I broke policy, when I told a man asking for pictures to screw off. That's literally all I said, "screw off". If I'm not alone on this, this app should be deleted from the app store for prisoning people for no reason!

Completely bogus! Decent not terrible Jun 23, By Ty Roberts Down side is folks with a lot of karma act like they are a god or something. I even tested this theory out a few times to see what would happen. By Shellym6. Hello AntiLand developers. As you have probably seen in many of the reviews for this app, it is clear that most people are fed up with your system of having Mods that abuse their power and ban others for no practical reason at all.

I for one never violated any of the rules for certain group chats and was banned from them. You are driving many users away with this any thus getting poor reviews for this app. However, if you continue to run your app the way it currently is, you are just going to get poorer and poorer reviews overtime, thus hurting you are developers. Please reconsider and change your app to benefit everyone.

Thank you. By notagoode. Someone posted a meme picture that contained the names of other programs and he was banned for it. He was not asking people to message him on those apps or promoting them it was a simple joke and he was banned for 7 days. No one in the chat was offended or bothered by it and it was clearly a joke. Moderators constantly abuse their power and instead of making it a safe place they make it very uncomfortable for everyone chatting.

Antichat girls

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AntiLand App Is Dangerous For Students (Formerly AntiChat)