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These ladies are the cream of the crop when it comes to topping the porn charts. Don't waste another minute scrolling back in your search history, these are the hottest new porn stars to watch right now. Porn stars have to have a specific look — a sexy look. In the ever-evolving porn world, it's hard to figure out which porn stars are up-and-coming and which porn stars are actually worth watching.

Right now, adult film stars are hotter than ever before, so showing that you're the hottest is fairly hard to do. These amazing adult film stars are now considered to be the hottest new porn stars to watch right now, and yes, they all definitely earned that title through quality content. Lana Rhodes is the kind of woman who you'd expect to see on the cover of a fashion magazine, thanks to her gorgeous blue eyes, pouty lips, and high cheekbones.

She looks stately and elegant, almost unapproachable. Make no mistake about it, she's one of the hottest porn stars to watch right now because she uses that regal look in the wildest porn you'd ever imagine. Double anal? Oral sex?

You know it. She's as sexy and wild as can be, and that's why we love Lana Rhodes. Follow Lana on Instagram. Alex Grey has, for the longest time, been a recognized name in adult films, primarily because she's so irresistable. She's got an adorable face, flowing blonde hair, and a petite physique that really gets just about everyone feeling some type of way. She's been a Hustler Honey and a Penthouse Pet — and once you take a look at her, you'll understand why she's one of the hottest porn stars to watch right now.

Follow Alex on Twitter. If Eva Lovia wanted to, she could be a perfect fashion model. She's got that perfect tan, that sexy, slender build guys love, and the "cool girl" attitude of a star model. However, her wild streak got her into adult films — and we porn aficionados are thankful for that. She's an entertainer in her own right, and is a Vivid Vixen, too. She's also an artist in her own right.

Scope her premium porn star Snapchat or any of her films, and you'll totally get why she's so popular with her fans. Follow Eva on Twitter. Mia Malkova isn't like every other blonde bombshell with a big booty. After all, she's one of the hottest porn stars to watch right now — and not everyone who's got blonde hair can say that. No, Mia Malkova's sexy talents go beyond her gorgeously curvy physique. She's one of the most flexible porn stars in the adult film industry. So, if you love watching girls bend all kinds of ways, or if you love girls in threesomes, Mia Malkova is your new favorite porn star.

Follow Mia on Twitter. In the adult film industry, Giselle Palmer is a Jane-of-all-trades. She's a camgirl. She's an adult film star. She's a programmer, and yes, she's an activist, too. And, according to many people, she's also one of the hottest porn stars to watch right now because she's so talented.

The beautiful blonde and occasional brunette is known for her slender-yet-curvy physique, and for being one of the most well-spoken porn stars out there. If you love brains with your beauty, she's the one that you should be scoping. Follow Giselle on Instagram. Kimberly Brix has perfected the art of being the naughty girl next door, and that's why so many guys are totally unable to resist her charms. She's got a kinky side, has a fun online personality, and makes a point of showing her sexy body whenever possible.

She's up and coming, and just beginning to fully develop her persona as a porn star. As a result, she's one of the hottest new porn stars to watch right now. Follow Kimberly on Twitter. Alaina Dawson is the kind of girl that grew up next to you. You may have had a crush on her, but because she's so gorgeous, she never quite returned the same feelings.

If you ever wondered what the girl next door was like behind closed doors, watching Alaina Dawson will give you a good idea. Her vibe of a "good girl gone bad" could turn on anyone, and that's why she's got such a massive fan base. If you're into girls who go all the way to get amazing shots, she's one of the sexiest porn stars ever. Follow Alaina on Twitter. With a name like Jynx Maze, you know you're in for a magical treat. This stunning beauty has a huge following because of her pinup-style curls, her perfectly curvy-yet-toned physique, and generally awesome moves on camera.

If you love girls who can easily transform into any sexy archetype imaginable, then Jynx Maze will be a girl you'll always want to watch in action. She is, after all, one of the hottest porn stars to watch right now. Follow Jynx on Twitter. Jillian Janson is a porn star who goes beyond the normal tapings, and ventures into the world of fetishism for extra fun. She's amazing at posing on camera, and has a killer body to match her skill set.

Despite having a seriously All-American beauty vibe about her, Jillian Janson always finds a way to get wild, exotic, and kinky in her shoots. That's why she's usually on of the top trending porn stars , and why you should probably go watch some of her videos right now. Follow Jillian on Twitter. Moka Mora is one of the hottest porn stars to watch right now, and it's not just because she's got a thin, toned frame and a beautiful booty, either. She's a porn star who's incredibly versatile, a talented actress, and also has an amazing personality online. She loves yoga, has the wild streak necessary for BDSM shoots, and also has a super flirty personality.

Overall, she's the spicy persona you always wanted to land, but never could. Now, you can see what it'd be like to be with her — and that's awesome. You might recognize Kendra Sunderland as the hot webcam girl who got naked on camera at a university library and who made waves on national news because of it. Though her claim to fame may have gotten her expelled, it also made her one of the hottest porn stars in the industry. Yes, she's gorgeous.

But, she's not just a gorgeous exhibitionist who really loves performing in porn — she's also a feminist to the core. Kendra Sunderland is girl power's sexual side, and you will love her for it. Follow Kendra on Twitter. Charity Crawford is one of the hottest new porn stars to watch right now, primarily because her body is slim, toned, and perfectly perky everywhere. She's straight up, just impressively beautiful — and could easily double as a fitness model in a pinch. She's athletic and has the "tanned goddess" look down to an artform.

If you love girls who look strong but soft, Charity Crawford is going to be your new favorite porn star to follow. Follow Charity on Twitter. Jessa Rhodes has performed in over different adult films, and as a result, is a veteran porn star. Despite her veteran status, she's also known for being one of the hottest porn stars to watch right now. Well, Jessa Rhodes still manages to bring boys to the yard with her stellar physique and amazing face.

She knows how to make love to the camera in the best sense of the word. Watching her stuff will get you hooked on her for that reason, alone. Follow Jessa on Twitter. Aubrey Star has long been known as one of the porn stars with the most spectacular boobs in the industry — and one look at them will confirm that. This busty and curvy beauty has been raking up awards from the AVN, and that alone makes her one of the hottest porn stars to watch right now.

Fans of buxom brunettes will fall in love with her content, and will have no problem watching her do her thing on camera time and time again. Follow Aubrey on Twitter. If you're a huge fan of seeing girls who are really petite and lithe in adult films, you will fall in love with Kylie .

As one of the more slender ladies in the adult film world, this stunning girl is known for her gorgeously cute face, her all natural breasts, and for the fact that she is sexy in that "super innocent" way. As one of the most sexy-but-cute actresses in adult films, she's also one of the hottest new porn stars to watch right now — especially if you like blondes. Follow Kylie on Twitter. Alexa Grace knows she pulls off the elegant but dirty "girl next door" look perfectly — and that's why she's so darn good at it. It's hard not to get a bit mesmerized by her slender frame, the way she looks at the camera, and the way she handles herself.

Overall, she's one of the hottest porn stars to watch right now, and yes, she knows she's that awesome. We can't hate.

Best potn stars

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Hottest New Porn Stars to Watch Right Now