Can you have multiple kik accounts

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Search This thread Search This thread. This thread. Me-Nex S Senior Member. Oct 31, Manama. Thursday, 24 February - Based on original Kik v9. Friday, 20 March - Built on old Kik v8. Monday, 08 February - Build on old Kik v7. Click to expand Last edited: Feb 4, Jun 12, 72 Los Angeles plus.

Anyway to have the old camera option. To use u original phone camera..?! Me-Nex S said:. I'll try. Reactions: Me-Nex S. AbadyRahman Member. Jan 25, 36 4. This is actually amazing! To be able to log in to more than one kik one the same phone at the same time is something I've been wanting for ages! I've always had trouble cloning the app because the clone would always crash when I try to search for someone by username. But yes I would love if you could make it like the older versions where we could choose which camera to take a pic with, and we can easily choose appic from the phones folders and not from a whole cramped up bunch of gathered pictures.

Truly hoping an update with those features and maybe more? Thank you for your efforts! AbadyRahman said:. Jan 14, 4 3. Thanks for this awesome app been waiting for this haha. But yeah it would have been better if you use the older version cause the new version keeps crashing and i dont like the menu of the new kik.

This is the one I'm using. Heres the attachment apk file of kik 7. Jan 25, 1 0. Hiroku New member. Jan 28, 1 0. So if I have one logged in on kik, do one of the two s on kikBH have to be the same as the one logged on the official kik app, or can it be two different s from the one on the official app? Hiroku said:. SamuelBegui Senior Member. Any luck with the default camera? MisterCoolBeans said:. Sorry bro, i forgot lol Gonna try tonight.. No problem! I attempted to try and do this myself just by getting an older version of Kik and trying to change the package name in the AndroidManifest to something else but I couldn't decrypt the file for some reason.

Reactions: SamuelBegui. It's ready but i have to test it first. You must log in or register to reply here. Similar thre. Poll [APP][2. Me-Nex S Mar 16, 38 39 Replies Views 1M. Nov 22, markbargo. Replies 6. Views 19K. Nov 22, Darth. KoochieKooInc Feb 8, Views 1K. Feb 8, Bhavikgothi. Replies 0. Views May 4, dsixda. Views 4K. Nov 10, keekah. Top Liked Posts 24 Hours All time. Me-Nex S. Dec 25, View. Apr 9, View. HsHTCsen said:. Hi, I like using the older version cause it allows me to select what app I want to use for a camera pic however it doesn't support video playback is there any way you can modify latest Kik to include being able to select any camera app or is that impossible since Kik has it's own camera interface?

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Can you have multiple kik accounts

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How To Setup Multiple Kik Messenger s