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Being nude is a sensual delight for the body, mind and soul. But we can only think about getting nude behind the closed doors as nudity is considered taboo in our country. But there are many places around the world where nudity is not just socially accepted but is also legal. Here is the list of countries where public nudity is allowed. In Spain, nudity is the fundamental right of any individual. The Spanish law has legalised people to be nude on public land beaches, forests, parks, streets and they can even have sex in public places.

To have sex openly in public, all persons should have a consent and of legal age. French law neither bans nor allows full public nudity, but it is acceptable in certain places. However, public sex is officially forbidden in France. Here, you can experience public sex with hundreds of swingers right at the beach at certain times of the year.

In The Netherlands, you are allowed to walk on the street naked as long as you are acting normal. There are some deated specific areas here where nude recreation is allowed legally. The Netherlands is also famous for comprehensive sex education, legal prostitution and nude and topless beaches. German law has allowed the public nudity but in some places only. The city of Munich has legalised it to stroll freely and to sunbathe in public spaces. This country has a well-developed naturist culture with camp sites and hotels.

People can roam freely in the public places naked as there is no special laws and punishments on public nudity. The best place to be naked and enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature is at the nude beach. Haulover beach in Miami, Florida is the nude place where you can roam around naked in public places and can feel like heaven.

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Country nudes

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