Crossdressing fetish stories

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On my birthday one day I asked him if I could have the apartment to myself I told him I was going to have a girl over. He said yes and left for the day. As soon as he was gone I shot up a bunch of meth. I immediately got horny as fuck. I watched watching crossdresser porn and got even hornier. So I went in his closet and found a bunch of his exes clothes they lived together for a while and she had just recently moved out.

I took a shower and shaved my legs and body and pubes and asshole and felt so smooth and sexy. Then I put on a pair of her panties, a pair of her boy shorts, and a sports bra and started grinding my limp meth sick against my friends bed. Then I went back into the hamper and sniffed some of his girlfriends panties, but then I knew what I really wanted to smell I found a pair of grey ones and sniffed the crotch and asshole areas and it stunk so heavenly of cock and balls and asshole and sweat that it drove me fucking crazy.

I tore his closet apart and found some cock rings of his and a little vibrator so I licked his cock rings and put them on my cock and balls and shoved the vibrator up my asshole while I humped his pillow and sniffed and licked his dirty tasty underwear. He ended up knocking on the door before I could cum tho and I turned on the shower and hurriedly put everything away. When I let him in I tried my best to act casually.

After he changed clothes he left again so I got to smell his freshly wore boxers while I fingered my asshole until I came. Once I sobered up I was ashamed and disgusted and terrified of how close it was Message me [ protected]. When I was teenager home by myself I used to put on my sisters dress and wear my mothers lipstick. Later on I worked at a library wearing panties and nail polish. I am a secret crossdresser and when girlfriend is out I go to my garage and bring out my bag of lingerie. I have a satin fetish and love the way it makes me feel. I get dressed up in black satin bra and thong, suspender belt, stockings and a black satin chemise.

I then have webcam chats with men admitting I am gay and they tell me what a sissy I am. Once I am finished I always feel a bit of shame and consider telling my girlfriend the truth but always end up putting the bag back and wait until the next time I am alone.

Fun morning, I had a meeting in Richardson at 9am, then pushed to next week. I had taken with me a travel bag with panties, bra, stocking's, heels, wig and lipstick, plus a very short dress. In case I had an opportunity to play.

I went on Craig list and found a married 62 looking for oral. Under the activities selection. He was in Plano. I drove over entered through the garage changed in the garage. He was sitting in the living room in a robe naked. I walked in and got on my knees and stroked him and caressed his balls. Once he was hard I started to suck him. He popped real fast. He felt bad that he blew his load so fast. I got up and grabbed his hand and found my way to their bedroom, I laid on the bed on my stomach, I asked him of he wanted to play with my ass?

He got next to me feeling my legs and under my dress until he felt my panties. They were black silky he really came to life caressing my cheeks. I could feel his dick hard getting hard against my leg. I told him to get on top of me. He worked himself over and laid on me, his dick was in my cheeks.

His head started to push on my pussy. I was dry without lube, but he wanted me, I asked him if he had any hand cream or lube, he got up and came back with baby oil, he lubed my pussy fingering me then rubbed hick nicely and oily.

He got back on me and he pointed into me and went right in. Dam he felt good. I blurred out yes Fuck me. I loved when his balls were slapping me. After a bit he pulled out and told me to roll over on to my back he lifted my legs to his shoulders and back in he went. He was pumping me, he freed my clitty and started to stroke me as he pumped me.

It was feeling so good i told him I was going to cum he said me too. That was all for me I let loose landing on my dress, panties and the bed. He then let loose in me. He stayed in me until he went soft and slipped out. As he walked into the bathroom he told me his wife had given in pussy in over a month. I replied back he can fuck me anytime. Once he was clean and out I went in to sit on the toilet I found their dirty clothes hamper, in there I found her soiled panties they smelled wonderful. I got cleaned up and changed back and drove home. You need a Premium to access that feature!

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Crossdressing fetish stories

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Crossdressing Stories