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Log in Register. Search titles only. New posts. Search forums. Log in. It will be the most efficient use of your time. And you will learn everything you need to know to become a huge success with women. Thank you for visiting and have a great day! Dirty Talk. Thread starter MrJack Start date Oct 15, MrJack Master Don Juan. ed Jul 1, Messages Reaction score Age So I realized one of my weak points while having sex Growing up none of the girls I slept with tried to dirty talk with me they would just moan or whatever, and I was usually silent.

This is the way it's always been for me. Dirty talk has always seemed like something only pornstars do and seemed way too over the top and fake for me. Honestly it naturally became somewhat of a turnoff for me because it seems so fake. Well lo n behold I have met a girl who loves this nasty dirty talk and when she initiated it during sex I had nothing to say lol. Her pvssy dried up and made for a pretty awkward moment.

Definitely don't want this type of thing to happen to me again. Master Don Juan. So remember when you were a young and horny immature teenager who always made nasty sex jokes about the stuff you would do to girls whenever you were with your bros? Shoot, you could even learn a few moves or positions.

Truthfully, I never understood why people get so quiet and awkward during sex. ed Oct 23, Messages 4, Reaction score 3, Mike32ct Master Don Juan. The ironic thing is that the more educated, proper, and intelligent she is, the more she will love nasty talk behind closed doors. But regardless, consider this I'll just give two general tips. My absolute fav is 2. Emphasize certain words. You: "I'm about to kumm. Where do you WANT it? But you still have to do your part. Last edited: Oct 15, Macaframalama Master Don Juan. ed Sep 14, Messages 1, Reaction score Age You can get some ideas from porn.

Wesley Pipes is a pretty good start. I would try to get into her head and talk about what she is liking about the sex. Another thing I like to do is take them by the hand and put it on my cawk, while I'm penetrating her and say "see how hard you got me for you", "feel that hard cawk stretching that tight, little pvssy out" etc. I'll instruct them to pull me out and rub it on their pvssy, etc. Just start off subtly, complimenting her body, smells, tastes in a lower, whisper like tone and try to get her to loosen her inhibitions. Last edited: Oct 16, It's fantastic! Roober Master Don Juan.

ed Nov 2, Messages 2, Reaction score 2, Mike32ct said:. I'm dissappointed.. I thought this thread was going to be about 'potting soil'! Urbanyst Banned. I'm not into dirty talk either. She is too busy getting wet. Anytime a woman gives you an instruction manual it means her attraction is low. She is supposed to be the submissive one and let you have your way with her.

Nothing gets me out of the mood faster than a woman telling me "how she likes it". Its like how do you know what you like wh0re? I'm not hear to imitate your Ex boyfriend. Urbanyst said:. Fruitbat Master Don Juan. ed May 3, Messages 2, Reaction score 1, My speciality. I love dirty talk and I like teaching girls how to do it becase dirty talking girls are amazing.

It's not so much what you say, it's how it's said. It must be said with passion. It must sound arrogant and almost bullyish. It should not sound loving or emotional. It has to sound brutish. Then she will respond with dirty submissive whimpering. As others have said, it's how it's done in porn. Use a lot of 4 lettered words too. Call her names, you will know when it's too far. Thanks all for the tips and advice. I feel like I'd be naturally great at it if it was something I actually enjoyed, but it just doesn't turn me on. Do all of you do this naturally? Has it been something you've done since Highschool?

I'm just curious if it's something y'all just learned to do when you were younger because I never did and none of the women ever did either. It's like I took sex class, sex, skipped sex , and went straight to sex lol. I'm hoping this is just some mental hurdle I can get past and ramp up my sex game. Everything else seems to be on point. Fruitbat said:. MrJack said:. Roober said:. I was much like you until about 5 years ago. My buddy and I were randomly chit chatting one day about how he sends absurd texts to his lady, and talks dirty to her all the time.

He was like "do it", but don't be a tasteless prick. It has to be subtle, erotic, delivered with good tone, etc. My exwife was extremely conservative, but after some flubs, she absolutely loved it and began talking dirty back to me. Now I do it with every woman I am with. My current lady had never done it before either, and once I opened her up It is almost like another version of foreplay. If you can get them talking about sex when your not around, they go crazy when they see you Every time I try something new, she doesn't say no, she just smiles and goes crazy.

Put away your credit card. As someone above noted, this stuff is great for texting too. Always playfully coax her into saying MORE than she was going to. She will get wetter when she realizes what came out of her mouth. It's easier to call her names if you smack her around a little. BeExcellent Master Don Juan. ed Dec 16, Messages 3, Reaction score 4, Age Advice from the old lady: Talking dirty is really a window into stream of consciousness if that makes sense.

You are allowing thoughts about sex, sexuality and erotica to be verbalized in the moment with your partner. It shows you to be engaged with your partner, which is flattering to your partner. It is at once candid, hot, and intimate. In the midst of sex it is validating to hear how your partner is aroused and to hear what they desire in a direct unfiltered way. Conversely to NOT do this particularly if your partner already has can stymie that flow of intimacy between you, as OP observed. It doesn't really matter too much what you say Being self conscious is a buzz kill for good sex.

That's all BS up in your mind. As an aside and as to what Urbanyst said, communication is extremely important in intimate relations. Doesn't matter if your woman is a virgin or is very experienced. Different things work better for different people.

Dirty talk forum

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