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Forgot your password? By Xykros , July 13, in Recommendations. It's been quite some time since I last opened fuwa not that I'm a regular in the first place lol. I've also forgotten about visual novels and eroge for quite some time until I tried cleaning my files and found a boatload of them that I haven't played yet. Here's my vndb Xykros if you want some reference on the games I've already played, though I don't think it'll be much help since I haven't really updated that lol. Here is a list of all the VNs that have officially released in english sorted based on s of votes on vndb and the average vote of the titles.

While it is not really a recommandation it should get you quickly cought up on the official releases you missed while you were gone. As for what I recommend well atm I am having a really fun time playing through Princess Evangile so I would recommend that. Majikoi is a must-read for most people. Hilariously awesome series. Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road is by the same makers as Majikoi, another solid read. Fureraba was a surprisingly fun VN that was recently released.

Solid read. I mean with how small your list is, there's just too much to possibly rec. Good places to start tho. I'm actually having trouble finishing all the games I've already downloaded these past few days. Well, at least I've got things to start with. I thank y'all for the recommendations, and if you've got more, you're more than welcome to tell me!

Lol, I'll let you get caught up before throwing more in your face. There are dozens you should probably read. Grisaia is 2 games in itself and Majikoi is 4, plus I gave you 2 more recs. Post an update when you start nearing completion as no one likes having a huge backlog. Having a huge backlog makes me feel as if I need to finish the games I'm playing as fast as possible, which isn't exactly good. Quite late to the party here, but better late than never I guess. If you want more recommendations, then perhaps you can try both of Fureraba and Tsujidou. Also you can try both of Dracu Riot and Sorcery Jokers as well, along with Subahibi if you're in the mood to play some VN with disturbing content.

I hope my recommendations here would be helpful to you. Has a ton of plot, some comedy, and relationship drama. And emotional feels And some dark themes too Really lighthearted read that is packed with comedy. It probably had the best comedy since Grisaia. And quite a lot of H content too. Lighthearted romance comedy and adventure. Has some of the most feel good character routes too.

I've only started reading it recently well, Extra anyways. So far it's an absolutely absurd anime type comedy that is quite funny. Reportedly, Unlimited starts to dial up the seriousness aspect. And I've heard Alternative dials it upto 12 out of If you want nothing but sex, and really adorable catgirl harems, then look no further. Has a ton of action! Basically it's like characters plucked out of a JRPG magic and all , and dumped into a modern city, that's Sorcery Jokers.

I thought some of it's themes were quite profound. Similar to Fureraba, it's lighthearted. Has cute music and great artwork. And the most H content I've ever seen packed into a single VN. I'll also recommend Clannad too. Even though it has nothing in the way of H, or fanservice.

But it's ability to hit your emotions like a truck is second to none. Not exactly 'read' since I'm not exactly finished. I still haven't completed Amane's route lol. Amane's route had the mother of all flashbacks. I've read dozens of VNs, and very few scenes even compare to that scenario You can post now and register later.

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Posted July 13, edited. While it is not really a recommandation it should get you quickly cought up on the official releases you missed while you were gone As for what I recommend well atm I am having a really fun time playing through Princess Evangile so I would recommend that. Edited July 13, by bakauchuujin. SO much Xykros and mitchhamilton Like Loading Xykros 9 Posted July 14, Posted July 14, Posted July 14, edited. Edited July 14, by Xykros. Heck yeah, take your time. We'll be here when you need us. Enjoy each VN to it's fullest.

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