Exciting spanking stories

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Home - Gallery - Stories - Links - . It always has been I guess. The anticipation of being spanked is what really does it to me. Even as or young teen, knowing that I was going to get it, and then thinking about what was going to happen to me would make me incredibly excited. And the longer the anticipation, the more excited I got. For me--as a girl, a young teen, and even now--the anticipation of a spanking was, and still is, the most exciting thing I can think of.

And the longer my anticipation, the more excited I got. I already told you about the one spanking I remember clearly--the one right after my 12th birthday, but there are several others that really stand out in my mind. One of those spankings took place when I was about thirteen. It involved my cousin Sarah. Sarah and I were in the same classes at the middle school. We were both really good students except in Science. I was barely a B student and Sarah had trouble getting Cs. So when it came to tests, we both would panic. Now, let me just mention the fact that it had been about two months since my mom or dad had given me any kind of serious spanking.

She left that up to my dad. Anyway, it had been about two months since I had been soundly spanked, and I was itching for one big time. Oh, I had gotten a few swats on my jeans a couple of times, and my dad had even put me over his knee once or twice for maybe ten spanks on the seat of my panties. But nothing in the way of a serious fanny smacking. So, like I said, I was itching for one. Two other things you should know. First, I was beginning to figure out that the excitement I felt was centered in a very small part of my anatomy.

Second, my cousin Sarah was an instigator. She had this certain knack for getting both of us into a whole lot of trouble. Anyway, back to what got me in trouble in the first place. One Friday, Mr. Marks, my science teacher, announced that there was going to be a test on Monday morning.

Groans and moans about the weekend were lost on him, as he proceeded to tell us what was going to be on the test. Class ended, School ended for the week, and Sarah and I got on the bus for home. On the way home we talked about boys--our favorite topic, plans for the weekend, and the need to study for the science test.

She told me she had figured out how to pass without studying--she was going to make a cheat sheet! Look Michelle, I have to get a good grade. My dad will kill me if I fail another test. Well, to make a long story short, Sarah convinced me to try it, and I went over that night to make the cheat sheet. It was a good one, too. We made them on computer, then reduced the type size so that we could still read it, but the paper was real small. The whole time we were doing it though, I was thinking if we get caught, I am going to get the spanking of my life.

And thinking about that just set my heart to pounding. Monday came and so did the test. Sarah and I had prepared the cheat sheets well. I had every answer on the test. The period ended and we started out of class--until Mr. Marks called us back. What could he want, I thought. We walked over to his desk. He sat there, just looking at the two of us. He was holding our tests. Each one had a big red zero on the top!

My heart sank to my knees. On the way down, it passed through my tummy and left me with the sure knowledge that I was in big trouble. I began to anticipate my certain future. Sarah tried to tough it out. Why do you think we were cheating? Maybe because I watched the two of you use them all period. With that he flipped open each of our science books that were laying on his desk and there lay the incriminating evidence.

Gonna confess and take your lumps, or are you going to continue to try to tough it out? We both just stood there staring at our feet. I honestly thought I was going to start crying. Sarah did. But I do have to tell them, and I am sure there will be some severe consequences. I want to call your parents. I was scared to death. My heart was pounding. My hands were sweating. And that old familiar tingling was starting down there below my tummy. Marks stood up and escorted us to the door. All the way down the hallway to the office, Sarah kept sniffling and pleading for Mr.

Marks not to call her parents. Funny, she only seemed concerned with herself at that point. I, on the other hand, was beginning to picture my future. I knew it was not going to be pleasant, but it was something I deserved, needed, and wanted! Well, we got to the office, and he called our parents. We listened to his side of the conversations with growing trepidation. Sarah continued to cry.

I finally had enough and turned to her. You know that. So just knock it off, will you! That made things worse. Turns out, my darling cousin knew that was exactly what was going to happen to her--and worse. Seems my aunt and uncle had an old wooden hairbrush that Sarah was quite familiar with. Truth be told, however, there was no spanking they could administer with that hairbrush that could even come close to what my dad could give with just his hand.

Sarah went in first. I could only hear muffled words coming out, but it was obvious that Sarah was getting chewed out pretty good by her dad. I did however, clearly hear one thing that Sarah said. Pleeeeeeease Daddeeeeeee! Then there was the sound of shuffling, the door opened, and Sarah and my Uncle came out. He did not look happy. Sarah looked downright scared and was crying.

Uncle John had Sarah by the hand and lead her out to the car. Then it was my turn. I stared at the floor and listened as Mr. Marks told my Dad what had happened. I watched in utter dismay as he handed my dad the cheat sheet. He looked very sad. I started to cry. Oh, my god! I was just about dying. I could not believe how excited I was at the same time I was so scared. I was picturing very clearly now what lay in store for me. Marks what is going to happen to you.

This is not a request! You will tell Mr. Marks right now. And then you will apologize to him for cheating! This had not been part of what I was anticipating. Being spanked in the privacy of my own home was one thing. Having to tell my cute, young, male teacher that I was going to be spanked was something else entirely. I bit my knuckle, started to cry, and turned to my dad for a reprieve. He shook his head and motioned for me to tell Mr. I jumped at his tone. I turned to Mr. Marks, turned bright red, and said the words that I normally found so exciting.

I wanted the floor to just swallow me. But strangely, I realized I was even more excited than before. I just could not understand this at all. But, now, all I could think of was getting home, so that my dad could start spanking me. It was a lonnnnnnnng ride home. Actually, it was a long ride. We lived about ten miles from the school and it took about 20 minutes to get home. By the time we were about half way home, I was doing some serious knuckle chewing as well as some serious squirming in my seat.

About a mile from our house, my dad finally spoke. Really I am. What do you think I should do? I was dying with excitement, and this was just making it more intense. The anticipation of what was going to happen to me in the next hour had me squirming with the most intense encitement I had ever experienced. I thought hard while we were stopped at a light. As we pulled away, I had made my mind up about what I wanted to say.

Exciting spanking stories

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