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If you are wondering how we rank sites, there is a special way we do it. As you probably know, here at Femdom Destiny, there are thousands of s filled with free videos and photos taken from the member zones of many different female domination sites. Thousands of the visitors are coming here every day to see the latest updates and they are browsing a site with average 8 minutes per visitor.

More than enough for them to find what they are looking for. When you multiply those s s x visitors x days in a year and pair it with the search on site check out upper right corner we can clearly see what people are looking for and where do they go. This is the perfect base to give you the list of top 10 femdom sites for this year. Notice that list below are the general femdom sites where you can find various female domination niches.

All of them are well-established resources filled with exclusive content and extremely big archives. In the incoming months, Femdom Destiny will go public with more top lists regarding different criteria like the best face sitting sites , Mistress, top-rated ballbusting sites , Humiliation, CBT, strapon, etc..

From what we see here, English Mansion is one of the most searched terms here on Femdom Destiny. The site is regularly updated back from This means that currently, their exclusive member zone contains over hours of exclusive femdom films in full-screen DVD quality. Together with over 30 photos available for the download, The English Mansion looks like currently favorite female domination website regarding our stats. The key is probably in the content quality and exclusivity. The site is under the control of one and only, Mistress Sidonia Von Bork, an ultimate dominatrix with years of experience in slave humiliation and torture.

You can read about her endeavors on the personal blog there. That femdom blog is so big that you should consider it as a separate website. The English Mansion is featuring a big amount of various Mistresses who are the experts in different female domination techniques. Inside member zone, you will see various kinky humiliation stuff like strapon domination, top ranked femdom sissy humiliation videos and photo galleries , public femdom, dungeon torture, group female domination, facesitting, female worship, beating, caning and probably most of the things you can currently imagine.

Take a look at some of the galleries from The English Mansion like femdom trap , toilet slave , cock edging , facesitting humiliation , sissy spanking , whipping torture , forced fem or femdom training. Club Stiletto is online back from In this long period, Mistress Kandy rated as one of the top dommes on the best dominatrix sites list managed to create and manage one of the best femdom archives.

Even if the name sounds like the foot fetish-oriented site, Club Stiletto is the pure female domination website that is currently offering over exclusive videos. All newer videos are made in HD quality so there are hours of enjoyment in full HD for all members of this great site. Even if the de of the site looks like the older site, there are all those things you need to have a good experience. Of course, the most important is the content and its quality. Most of the fetishes are covered. The Difference compared to the first ranked site is that there is not so much hardcore femdom content but what is there is absolutely perfect.

That means that this site is offering some of the best femdom photos and videos in the next : bisex humiliation, facesitting, femdom riding, human ashtray, caning, femdom sex, feminization, foot worship, ruined orgasms, shoulder riding and much more. Of course, there are also many brutal femdom updates that you used to see on other great femdom sites from this list. They are strapon domination, ballbusting, cock torture etc.

Before you visit Club Stiletto and to get a better picture of the site, check out updates like armpit sniffing , arse licking , ebony cuckolding or face trampling. Being online for the same amount of time as the second-ranked site, Club Dom is offering almost exactly the same amount of videos and that is over They are created together with photos with only one thing in the mind of people there and that is how to make a slave suffer as much as possible.

Bondage, restraints, cuffs and of course, hard whipping and slave punishment. As above, it is always best to browse through some of their updates to get a better picture of the content quality. For example, take a look at crucified slave whipping , forced piss drinking , double femdom whipping or double strapon torture photos.

You can clearly spot in a way everything goes there. Our recommendation is to check out the scenes recorded outside. Divine Bitches is probably the most extreme of femdom sites shown on this top list. Of course, there are various kinds of female domination and people have different tastes but if you are looking for hardcore femdom, Divine Bitches is the place to be.

Here at Femdom Destiny, we have recently reviewed this site. As you probably notice, there is a separate category here dedicated only to updates from Divine Bitches, and until you decide what site is best for you, check this category by clicking here.

This fantastic fem dom site also found its place on the best cuckold sites list you should also check out. As you can already guess from the site title, Kinky Mistresses are the place where some of the very kinky dommes are meeting each other. Once they do, there is a real hell waiting for men that are usually locked in the dungeon that Kinky Mistresses have at their disposal.

The girls on this site are more or less famous but one thing is for sure and that is that they are all very sexy and ready to do various nasty and kinky stuff to their slaves. That includes things like group cock and balls torture , anal domination , forced bisex humiliation and dozen more brutal and painful femdom scenarios. Kinky Mistresses photos from the member zone :. Many of you already know what O. This is one of the femdom sites with a specific name and real meaning is the Other World Kingdom.

This site probably has the most incredible story behind it. OWK is showing the life and suffering of the real slaves locked in the special castle where women rules. What is a fantasy to many men, there is a pure reality. Reality is hard to escape and full of misery, pain, and humiliation. Femdom Empire is one of the youngest femdom sites on this list.

But being young, not necessarily means that something is bad. On the contrary, this site is showing fresh blood in the world of female domination. All updates and videos are very extensive and emotional what is probably normal.

Well, slaves there are going through a lot of anal torture, all the time. Bitches are hot, sexy and cruel and slaves there is really having some hard times, especially when two or more Mistresses start abusing them at the same time. This strapon sex video is the perfect example of double femdom that you will often see on this site. Beside it, most of the Dommes there are really famous and hot as hell. With names like this and these are only some of them because this is not the site review and there is no space to mention them all , Femdom Empire guarantees the great time, fresh faces, brutal action, high-quality content, and some really nasty and loud scenes.

If they continue this way, it is inevitable that they go up in this list of best femdom sites. Femme Fatale Films seems like a project that is combining femdom and art. Colors and cameras there are making this site look kind of It a classic Hollywood-noir feel and touch. Simply, it feels different than other sites. It is also one of the younger sites and it does not have the amount of content like some of the femdom sites above. But when we are talking about the quality, it is clear why it is on the top 10 femdom sites list.

With a steady rate of the update, Femme Fatale Films can only become better and better. As you would expect, this site has it all. From teasing up to brutal double strapon fucking or cock and balls torture. On the free photos gallery below, you can see some of the activities available on Femme Fatale Films. Sado Ladies ado is offering tons of genuine female domination videos never seen before.

All of the content is exclusive of course, and people behind the site really have a great feeling to make a good site. Sado Ladies is all about ladies and their sadistic endeavors that include a wide range of quality femdom. There are over hours of female domination and the member zone is updated 3 times per week with new and never seen before femdom clips. Of course, there are also photo galleries but as long as you have quality HD femdom in front of you, we doubt that visitors will have time to browse through the photos. In case you are wondering about photo quality, below are some of the samples in reduced size:.

Just as the name says for itself, Young Femdom is the website dedicated only to young and mostly European girls craving for men that will become their slaves. This site is a little bit different than other femdom sites above. Complete site is based on the real-life domination and young dommes that sometimes can be cruel just like their older colleagues. This site is also pretty bag and it has a vast collection o young femdom videos and photos.

There are some great scenarios inside that you simply must-see. After watching them, we are sure you will start looking at the young girls in a completely different way. We will soon have best strapon sites report so stay tuned. Hardly anyone ever speaks and nobody has any personality. Nuts on that place, the sites listed here are a hundred times better. They stopped updating and it seem there will be no recovering. It was a good site in strapon fetish niche. Save my name, , and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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