Finsta nudes

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Don't believe everything you read about "finstas," the secret Instagram s currently puzzling the internet. Rumours swirl about teenagers sharing pics of sex and drugs on their finstas, but in reality, teens are using these s to show their real, authentic selves. And, they're actually pretty damn dorky. A finsta is a second—or fake—Instagram used by teens and young people to share photos they'd rather not post on their main s. These private s often have a considerably smaller and select following.

For many young people, these public-facing Instagram s are often highly curated and can contain heavily filtered and Photoshopped images. So, what exactly are people sharing on these private, and highly mysterious, s? The Huffington Post defines finstas as fake s used to conceal "scandalous and overtly sexual behaviour" and to "function with anonymity to troll peers.

Adrian Varela, 19, says he's read "so many" articles about "how teens do drugs on their finstas" and he's keen to set the record straight. He says he and his "finsta mutuals" use their finstas "to just like vent and overshare about our personal lives. Weston Windell, 18, also wants to dispel the rumour that these s are used to show drug use. Rather that being illegal behaviour, [we're] just posting what we really think about others," says Windell.

Marley Amico, 20, says there are indeed some people who use them for sharing nudes and drug pictures. Finstas are a place for people to show their true, authentic selves to a group of close friends. But, Sabine Reedy, a year-old student at Drew University, says that the argument that "finstas are more real and rinstas real Instagrams are more fake" doesn't quite capture the complex and nuanced nature of finstas.

Self-deprecating humour seems to be very prevalent on the vast majority of finstas, and the consensus among many users is that it's a judgement-free space where people can post silly photos of themselves to a select following. That unflattering pictures, close-up selfies, and awkward videos are all par for the course on finstas.

Maggie Donnelly, 23, created a finsta after graduation and she uses it to make fun of herself for "being basic. Reedy says she uses her finsta to post embarrassing photos of herself and to "vent" about things, but generally it's pretty standard for people to be funny on their finstas. But, there's another dimension to finstas. He says that the idea behind finstas is that on "trusted people" are supposed to follow you.

Reedy believes finstas provide a platform away from the pressures that young women feel from Instagram. With Instagram's recent ranking as the worst social network for young people's mental health, due to its ability to cause feelings of inadequacy and anxiety, it's no surprise that young people are trying to escape the pressures and expectations of rinstas. As finstas become increasingly widespread, a definite pattern appears to be emerging. These spaces afford a place where young people can be themselves around a trusted set of people without worrying about the consequences—be it for sharing unfiltered selfies or silly videos.

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Finsta nudes

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