Foot fetish numbers

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Sep 20, 11 T Sep 21, 12 T Sep 22, 13 T Sep 23, 14 T Dec 27, 15 T Dec 28, 16 T Dec 29, 17 T We've updated our Privacy Policy and by continuing you're agreeing to the updated terms. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our Privacy Policy. Or Learn more Continue. The MousePad. How many percent of the male population do have a foot fetish?

Share Share with:. Link: Copy link. Switch to Print View - 17 posts. QuiGon Jinn7. A "foot fetish" as in a extreme obsession that takes a good percentage of your personal time and global interests? As in being before a naked woman and preferring adoring her feet as opposed to have sex with her? Perhaps more. And remember, for most guys, "feet" are an integral part of "legs", and everyone knows legs are the 1 part of the woman's body men are attracted to. The commercial success of footware for woman, much older and much more widespread than all the wonder bras, all the lingeries and all the corsets in the world is NOT a coincidence.

The generalized usage of shoes that are deed to attract and arouse throughout the ages, to the present day, is NOT a coincidence either. Yes, most men definitely like women's feet at some degree or other. I agree, these other guys are way too low. I remember reading a study online on the prevalance of uncommon sexual preferences sorry, don't know the URL or the exact title anymore. I cannot remember on what exactly they based their assumption I guess on website-hits, DVD-sales and surveys , but I think that their assumption was not all that wrong.

Yes, many guys might occasionally feel somewhat attracted by girls' feet, but only few will focus on them in the obsessive way we do. I can remember several times when some attractive female was barefoot for all to see But there could be mistakes when calling something a fetish. If you enjoy it though, you probably do, since guys I know would not.

However, if you feel strongly turned on by her feet, whether she is in heels or barefoot, then I would say you have a foot fetish. And just because you like a woman in heels, does not mean you have a foot fetish. Most men like women in heels because what it does to their legs and figure. If you are aroused by the sight of a woman dangling her heels or otherwise playing with her shoes, then I would say you have a foot fetish, simply because most guys would probably not even notice or care. This has been my experience over most of my adult life. Inspector General. This would be a very interesting to know.

Judging by the publicly viewable web stats of some of the main foot fetish hubs online, the s seem to range anywhere from about 30, to perhaps as high as , of us worldwide. The higher sites tend to have broader porn appeal than just feet though. The more specifically feet, the lower the unique visitor count. The active community of foot fetishists online would seem to be way smaller than some of the exhuberant estimates above.

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Foot fetish numbers

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