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Hentai Clicker! Having a productive day? Want to throw some mindless clicking and hentai perversion into the mix? HentaiClicker promises both hentai and clicking, at least according to the name. Hopefully, all the wrist stretches and this new fedora pay off. I was able to register with a temporary address.

Cheesy music played as the game loaded. About 30 seconds later, I was greeted by a hentai broad wearing nothing but her socks and a tank top pulled up over her luscious boobies. There are a couple of dildos and a flask of lube on the bed beside her, as well as a huge cucumber with a condom on and a big bite taken out of the flesh.

The image is lightly animated. That sounds like a job for you, my neckbeard friend. I bet it involves a bunch of clicking. The name you chose during registration soon comes up. A girl with pink hair, rabbit ears, and no panties sticks her twat in your face and basically demands help. What are you going to do, say no? I like how every vagina in this thing is constantly dripping wet. They must have to put towels down on every chair in this hentai universe.

HentaiClicker has already put out a fair amount of lightly animated adult material before the actual game has even started. This chick Mizuki is bobbing in front of me, one nipple peeking out of her sweater. She asks if I want to take a selfie with her. There are no dialogue options, but she gets angry at me for not knowing who she is.

Still, she heard the rumors about me and wants me to help her get off. So, you know how the game is called HentaiClicker? It also goes up by itself, but clicking makes it work so much faster at this stage. Within a few seconds, you win and the girl s your harem. Mizuki offers various click modifiers, as displayed on the Reward screen after she ed my harem.

I clicked the Visit button to go see her. This is another clicking game, with clicks adding affection, which unlocks various perks. A few seconds of clicking on Mizuki earned me an image of the girl posing with her panties down and her pussy squirting juice. I went back to the main Office screen where the idle clicking takes place. Here, you get to watch hot hentai bitches take their clothes off. Since I have Mizuki in my harem now, the automatic clicks come faster.

A series of manga girls with huge tits shows up on the screen and their clothes slowly disappear. If I actively click, the clothes come off faster. I have points accumulating, which I can use to level up Mizuki, which makes the automatic clicks happen even faster. The game starts giving you little perks and superpowers, like a Fingering button that makes the clicks accumulate at a furious rate for the next few minutes.

As far as I can tell, this actually stops the background clicking, which will make you anal nerds want to keep coming back to check every few minutes. I kept wondering when the game was going to ask for money, and to their credit, you actually have to progress a couple of hours in the game before that happens. Most people are going to let this run in the background for the most part. The gacha system works pretty much like it does in any other free-to-play game. In HentaiClicker, once you get enough points and have unlocked a few hot hentai bitches for your stable of sluts, you also unlock a store.

There you can buy in-game currency called kobans, which makes the game progress faster. Since this is an idle clicker, progressing the game faster means more automatic clicks. Maybe set yourself a budget or something. Without paying a dime, I was able to see a bunch of naked hentai ladies, including some pretty explicit porno shots and animations. Compared to other hentai video games, it really delivers a lot of free cartoon pornography for the little effort it asks of you.

You can run this game in a background tab and just check in every once in a while for a quick wank between working at the cube farm and browsing Reddit. Open HentaiClicker. HentaiClicker Idle clicker with a hentai theme Lots of free hentai with minimal effort Decent art Free-to-play Gacha system can get pricey. Hentai Heroes. Cunt Wars. FAP Ceo. Project QT. Booty Calls. Kamihime Project R. Pocket Waifu.

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