How to double penetrate

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Willingness and comfort play a major factor in achieving the best double penetration sex. That is again closely followed by choosing the most convenient position for everybody in the circle. For the perfect experience, you could incorporate the use of safewords and other sex toys to enhance pleasure. You may end up helping each other discover your hidden pleasures and improve your sex life in the long run. On top of it, DP is a great way of spicing up your kink every once in a while. Preparation is very vital in every aspect of our lives.

If you get it right, you will enjoy it every time and a beginner may warm up to the idea. Before taking any gears out, it can do you great good if you discuss what the rules of engagement are if any. Also, you could air out concerns, any health issue, and consent to ensure that nothing stops that rain once it leaves the station. Instead of a 3rd person, you can start the journey by first exploring with the help of a suitable toy. This is workable when you already have a partner or are just by yourself.

To get one, check out these best double penetration toys. For instance, there are harnesses with two holes , dildos worn over penises, and double dildos. Worth mentioning also, is that you have to get the right amount of lube into those orifices. The action here is pretty intense and always topping up lube could help prevent injury and displeasure.

This is if you want to have a three-way party. Communication clears a lot of tension here. This helps everyone know how to conduct themselves. Even better, you could formulate safewords that you may use during the experience to bail one out just in case. This is mostly applicable when you are alone and use a double penetrating toy. To begin with, there are quite a lot of styles you could use to position yourselves during a double penetration rumble.

And this applies to both a two-way or a three-way party. What we need to pay the most attention to is making sure that we get the right method that makes it fun for everyone. This will ensure that all of you are in sync and you will harness more pleasure than pain from the whole experience. This is amongst the most loved positions that go with double penetration. The receiver lies down on one giver with their chest touching each other. This time, the receiver lies on one giver with her back on their chest.

The giver then slides their peen or dildo into her through the back door. The other giver then comes in front, facing her chest, and slides their peen into her cooch. This is a pretty rad position and can serve DP for long periods because of the body alignment that allows easy movement. Getting into Doggy during double penetration is one of the more tactical positions to hack. When done right, it will reward everyone with sensual body contacts plus intense and arousing views.

First, the receiver will have to go down on all fours. Simply put, the DP Doggy is a great banging position. And more truly, for guys who are bi-sexual , as they get to enjoy the rear views of two lovers in the same stance. The receiver still lies on her back and gets jammed upfront.

The receiver lies on their back with her legs spread apart. This is a more luxurious position for the receiving partner. Even better, you can use your free hands to rub your clit and give yourself a hard orgasm. Yes, you can also throw in a second dong behind her using the Standing position. One giver stands in front of the receiver also standing chests facing each other and drives his dick in her vagina. The other giver comes from behind her butt and sticks his dick in her ass. Both givers can spread her legs and lift her holding her thighs and butt to adjust the thrusting. The icing here is that the receiver gets to enjoy suspension in between the two guys.

This leaves a lot of room for kissing, caressing, and tit sucking. What counts, is that you improvise or pick something that is comfortable for everyone involved. Check out what other people about hacking double penetration from the Red Light District of Reddit:. And moved my body around deciding how they wanted me to pleasure them.

The easiest approach was one of them lying on his back, and my being lowered on to him so he could penetrate me anally, as I find that sort of sex more difficult. Once that was OK, my boyfriend was standing at the end of the bed and penetrated me from the front. Their hands, on either side, moved my hips the way they wanted and felt extremely good for me, between the strokes of them inside of me, and being man-handled. The guy vaginally penetrating you can go on his back, you on top, with the other guy behind you.

Or you can ride one guy in a chair while the other stands in front of the chair behind you. Willingness and comfortability play a key role in determining how your double penetration experience will turn out. Adding to this… The positions are easy to perform and can either be pulled off using men or women wearing strap-ons as penetrators.

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How to double penetrate

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