How to peg my boyfriend

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Should I be worried about him being secretly gay? Thanks, Peggy. I had a secretly gay boyfriend once, and pegging had nothing to do with it. He reacted by developing a penchant. Male heterosexuality in the modern age is complicated. Hell, sexuality in general is. The misconceptions surrounding arse play means that many men are too intimidated to explore it, lest they be labelled homosexual. The only time it enters the cultural vernacular is when shows like Broad City have the guts to make it a part of the conversation. Incidentally, it worked and the media ate it up.

One of my exes wanted to explore pegging, and I was really apprehensive at first. You would not believe how confident and powerful you feel. I thought that wearing silicone genitalia would feel silly at best, and unnatural and unfeminine at worst. I felt strong, confident and sexy — and he noticed. It was a turn on for him to have me take charge of the situation both physically and mentally. The fact that he feels comfortable enough to discuss this with you is a really positive . This bodes well for the future of your relationship. The anus can produce an extraordinary amount of pleasure for men thanks to the prostate gland.

If your boyfriend is confident enough in his sexuality to want to experience this, good for him. I say go for it. See how you both feel about a finger or two before working your way up. Who knows, perhaps it will become so ingrained in your sexual roster that it will be fun to see how much he can end up taking. Lovehacker is a weekly relationship and sex column where our resident Agony Aunt answers your questions.

Need help? Drop a comment below or [ protected]. Since we separated I have tried some Anal play with another women and it is fantastic. I am generally quitish when I have sex, but I was moaning like crazy. It is a completely different climax. So much more intense and lasted a lot longer.

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How to peg my boyfriend

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Pegging is the latest bedroom trend you need to know about… and sex experts say it’s more popular than ever