Is he flirting with me on snapchat

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There's a difference between someone being mildly interested in you and someone actually having feelings for you. Needless to say, that leaves a lot of room for interpretation. And by "room for interpretation," I mean "room for us to overanalyze dumb stuff that literally means nothing at all.

The thing is, someone who really has feelings for you is going to do all of the things that a person who is mildly interested in you does. The difference is just that they do all that stuff and then some. If someone does the stuff on this list, whether it be just a few things or literally every single thing, and does nothing else outside of it, it means NOTHING. At best, this person is mildly interested in you. And by that, I mean he's down to hook up with you, just like he's down to hook up with a bunch of other girls he's talking to. At worst, you literally mean nothing to him. Or maybe he thinks it's funny.

Or maybe he accidentally clicked the "like" button and didn't bother un-clicking it. Think of yourself scrolling through your Instagram feed mindlessly liking people's posts. Do those likes mean you LOVE them? Nope, didn't think so. At best, he thought you looked good in that picture. Or it was funny. It would take more of an effort for him to purposely skip over your story in an attempt to not watch it than it would for him to just casually browse through it like he does with all of the other stories on his feed including but not limited to his partner from freshman year bio class and his mom.

I've written extensively about this. You spoke to him and he responded. That's not being into you. That's just being a normal human with normal social skills. That, my friend, is a booty call. Sure, he may actually like you. But if none of his sober actions reflect that earnest profession of his fondness for you, I'd say it's the tequila talking. He was by his phone and you texted him , so he responded. That's it. Yes, he's being flirty, but he is also using truly the lowest level of creativity and effort to flirt with you.

He wanted a coffee and you happened to be there, so he invited you to tag along. His mom didn't raise him to be a cheap chump, so he paid for yours. Of course he should be nice to you. Now, don't be all down on yourself. This isn't a list of s he's not into you. It's just a list to remind you to stop reading into this dumb stuff as some sort of that he's madly in love with you. By Candice Jalili. Good Vibrations Images. Search Close.

Is he flirting with me on snapchat

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