Is kik private

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One of the foremost concerns for anyone engaging in online communications anymore is privacy and security. Please bookmark this resource for up to date information on how to keep your children safe. Hacked s, stolen personal information, and publicly shared private information are still topics that make news headlines on a daily basis. Just how many people carry smartphones in their pocket every day, anyway?

It is still possible, however, to be safe with your information. Kik Messenger, for example, is as fully-featured of a chat platform as any of its competitors perhaps even more so! Whereas many applications might need your phone , address, or other contact information before you can even begin chatting, Kik Messenger only requires three things:. In this way, Kik is far more innately private than many applications.

Application responsibility is determined by what information is used by the app itself. It also falls to the user when it comes to sharing your profile with others. In Kik Messenger, the means by which other users and your friends find you is your unique username. Even for people that you might be in close contact with, this username is still needed in order for people to locate you in the directory of Kik users. Rest assured that you do not need to display your username during your chats.

What does this mean with regard to privacy? More than many messaging applications, Kik gives you control over who is able to send messages to you. That unique username that the rest of your Kik is tied to is very important. That does not mean that it needs to be shared publicly, however! Choosing a display name will help to keep your username private. Sharing your unique username in Kik Messenger is tantamount to sharing your personal information in a different chat application. This is where user responsibility come into play in a ificant way.

Since so few personal details are used when creating a profile, your unique username becomes the most important feature of your profile. The Kik app itself shares very little of your information, and so the burden of responsibility passes almost entirely to the user. There are features in plenty within Kik that will allow you to reach out to new acquaintances and old, but you should always keep in mind the repercussions that can stem from widespread knowledge of your contact information. A last, useful note for Kik users that make use of multiple devices for their messaging experience: you can only be ed into one device at a time!

Though this is less frequently a security issue if you ever happen to lose a device that has your Kik profile on it, all that you need to do to ensure your privacy is onto Kik from a different device. Easy solution for a rare circumstance, right? What other Kik privacy tips do you have? Reply in the comments below with any added suggestions for keeping chats private!

Is kik private

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