Kink massage

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What if there was a way to combine the two? Bondassage is a trademarked sequence of practices, techniques, and implements that intertwine sensual massage, BDSM , other modalities, such as body work and breath work, in a uniquely erotic manner. This practice goes beyond the giving and receiving of orgasms, taking the receiver, instead, on a journey of sensual and erotic discovery that often sends her into ecstasy — AKA subspace. A sensual massage such as this is an actual massage using actual massage strokes. In fact, Bondassage gives the widely known, not so widely known and often ignored erogenous zones plenty of attention.

All of these techniques are alchemized in a languid tantalizing manner that safely le the receiver on an intimate and personal exploration of the depths of sensual pleasure. The receiver need not think, make decisions or do anything other than merely enjoying the ride, which is easy to do since the receiver need only feel the sensations of their body and a connection to the giver. The sequence of practices, techniques, and implements all come together — pun intended — to please the senses. Bondassage is meant for any consenting adult who desires to be sensually satiated.

Whereas in my own personal practice I only cater to women, this style of massage was originally created for men and only later adapted for women. Whereas most techniques in Bondassage are common to both male and female sensibilities, some are gender specific. There is a rich set of practices, techniques, and implements specifically intended for use on the female body, and in my own practice, I've further adapted the ambiance, sequence, practices, techniques and implements with many of my own sensual secrets to emphasize and nurture the sensibilities of women and the female body.

It also the most direct way to experience a deep spiritual connection with the divine force that underlies all of Creation. As far as the degree of kinky play involved , one can experience the softer or harder side of BDSM, but Bondassage tends to gravitate towards the softer side of kink. Here is a subtle taste of what women experience during the sensual and kinky practice of Bondassage:. The ambiance of the room is set. Concerned with your pleasure and safety, an inquiry is made of you about the level of sensual massage and BDSM or kink you feel comfortable with.

One you've been lightly restrained, you begin to feel feathery light strokes teasing you — sliding over the bottom of your feet, up to your calves, then across your thighs and buttocks, then back up to your neck. Hands follow, tenderly caressing the soft tissues of your body while deeply kneading the harder ones. A variety of tools are employed as firm caresses slowly increase the intensity of your pleasure. You begin to tense up as the touch becomes more intimate. The giver takes you right up to the edge of a release. With an ever engulfing desire to be satiated, your breathing becomes shallow.

Your back arches as you spontaneously moan with passion. Sensing that the tension in your body has become both titillating and unbearable, you receive permission to release. Sexual energy pulsates throughout your entire body as you burst with excitement, quivering. Although the goal in Bondassage is to experience the sensual and erotic journey itself , releasing the sexual tension inside of you is certainly a nice climactic bonus as you come to the end of your journey of sensual and erotic discovery. YourTango may earn an affiliate commission if you buy something through links featured in this article.

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Kink massage

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What Happens During The Kinky Massage Practice Known As 'Bondassage'