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Reply to author. Report message as abuse. Show original message. Either addresses are anonymous for this group or you need the view member addresses permission to view the original message. Let's get very clear on something - being able to talk graphically about sex and share your experiences doesn't mean you're a sexually liberated woman.

Being sexually liberated means that you truly like and own your own sexuality. It means you know how to ask for the kind of mood, behavior, touch etc. But a vast of women confuse the two. They believe being sexually liberated means that guys find you hot, men love to engage in sexual flirting with you, and you've slept with a lot of men.

They confuse the rush of a man's sexual interest in the initial stages of a relationship with true power. All Men Want Is Sex? But using your sexuality in an overt and over the top manner to attract men means that's what men are going to focus on about you - sex. That goes for everything from your profile on a dating site, to how to speak and communicate with a man, and of course, how you behave on dates. Now if all you're looking for is a little recreational sex, that's fine, you'll certainly get it. But if in your heart of hearts you're looking for a great romance, and a long term relationship, it's a strategy that's bound to fail.

But before I go further I need to clarify a point. Being sexy is great, men love sexy women and love to both date and marry them. But there's a fine balance women savvy about love always keep in mind. They know that a sexy appearance engages a man's imagination, but speaking about sex and sharing your experience in most men's minds equals foreplay. Also, something else you need to remember about men is that they can compartamentalize their lives much more easily than most women can. Sex can just be about sex.

What confuses women is that men will often appear to be interested in "more" with a woman when the flirting begins, and experienced men even more so. They know that pushing you too hard to get naked might scare you off, so they act like they really want to get to know you - but unfortunately, if they found you too sexually alluring in the beginning, and if you played the role of being the sexual extrovert, sex is all they really have in mind. Bragging About Sex Yes men are competetive. Yes men love the chase.

If you're a popular girl and he knows you've got a lot of guys calling he'll fight even more for the chance to spend time with you, but guys don't want to think about the sex you've had with other men when they get naked with you for a relationship - for a few times, it doesn't matter. If you brag about the great blow jobs you give he'll probably sleep with you out of curiosity, but when he calls again most likely late at night it'll be for a booty call. For a relationship he just doesn't want to know that many particulars. He may ask, which is confusing again, but he doesn't really want to know very much.

Let me put it into a perspective that will make it easier for you to understand and remember. We women are almost always curious about the women looked like a man has dated before us, especially if it was a serious "relationship. We fear our new guy is comparing us in his head and that we're falling short, fat, and unattractive.

If you keep that in mind in the intial flirtation with a new man it'll keep you from spilling too many sexual beans about yourself, and will keep his focus on the entire package of wonderful you. I am searching for somebody who will fuck me how that I want to be fucked. Pick me up and sit me on your dick. Cum in my face pull my hair and make me yell. Looking for a big dick to come in and fuck me and leave, my daddy will be home, but he likes to listen. Any girls want to meet from ? Awaiting your reply. Hi Everyone, I hope you are all well.

So basically I am looking for an online relationship with someone who enjoys online chatting, having a laugh and generally being open to various kinds of chats. answer Asap: alyssalyne99 Gmail. I am looking for nsa Just be willing to Come play. I am available waiting my gmail. I need a Top right now who is horny hung and wants to fuck my white bubble butt. My place is available or I can come to you. No strings just a fuck and go. Big cocks are a bonus. Sms me now Hello dear, My name is Claudia, I'm 28 years old and I'm looking for long and lasting relationship.

Please I'm honest and I'm looking for a man that is honest and responsible. Please I'm only interested in men from age, 35 to 55 years old. The time is non-negotiable unfortunately. Experienced women welcome as well. Preferably non-smoker ok. Please respond with the subject line "daytime play", along with a picture PG is fine, although more is always welcome! I'm hot sexy Divorcee woman looking for nsa fun today. I am an Educated professional. Looking for a male to have some raunchy rough sexy time with. Will try anything for abit of fun. Must be easy to get on with and and down to get nasty.

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We are a couple looking for a woman tp us for a night. Not looking for anything long term. Will get a motel, woman must be bi. Body size is not an issue, age dont matter. If not available tonight we can set a date when you are available. We are free whenever you are. No men, sorry. African american very fit couple wanting to suck taste and swallow you up. Mature white couple, 57f, 66m, clean, looking for a female friend to have sexual fun with and also friendship if desired, such as going out to eat, movies, camping, etc.

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Local horney girls

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