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Porn Dude, I want to see leaked nude pics and stolen sex tapes of male celebrities for free! For people like you and I, our celebrities and the people we find who are famous are porn stars. Here's a list of sites that's got nude male celebrities. It's not fair that the celebrity people have been pining over and have been sexually fantasizing over, can never be seen naked.

So, on these sites, you'll find your favorite celebrities entirely naked. How did this miracle happen? Well, that might be a strong word. But I certainly do have an appreciation for my fans and do consider it to be my responsibility to keep bringing you guys the best porn review content on the web.

With these sites, you can open your eyes and actually get to see your favorite celebrities completely, totally NAKED! And in some cases, you might be able to see them kiss, suck and fuck…in softcore and even hardcore scenes, too. What kind of male celebrity sex tapes can I see here? Some pretty…decent ones. To be honest, the heyday of the sensational celebrity sex tape ended around , and back in those days, people were shooting footage with old fashioned camcorders and crappy cellphone cameras.

Having said that, there are still is still some good fuck footage on these sites if you dig hard enough, though the more recent, high-quality stuff shoot in HD on modern cellphones tends to be jackoff videos rather than full-on sex tapes. Speaking of sex, you will find all kinds of it, though, be it hetero or homosexual. There are even some threeways that I spotted here and there, too. What are the best male celebrity porn sites in ? Well, they're all good obviously.

Otherwise, I wouldn't have reviewed, raved about, and promoted them here by linking to them. Of course, like any other type of website all of these have different features and benefits to them. If you want, check out the full reviews for these sites which are linked below. I think they are pretty damn good myself and worth a read. Gay Male Celebs — The title says it all…or does it? To be sure, Gay Male Celebs does have a bunch of blog style picture posts of famous dudes nearly or entirely nude. They have regular updates two or three days a week and add at least half a dozen new photos to their archive.

The celebs they feature range from young, twinkish men to mature, muscly guys, so there is plenty of variety to chose from and by surprised by when it's ed. Speaking of surprises, you will be shocked by some of the dudes who have been featured on GMC. Do you know who Lee Pace is?

If you don't he's a famous stage and movie actor who, among other noteworthy roles, played Thranduil in the Hobbit movies. Well, there are pictures of him with his arms spread wide and cock flapping about while performing on Broadway. That's right, not only is he in a pretty queer pose, but he seems to be aling that he's a bottom.

Need even more proof? Check the post out for yourself, and there's even a sadly censored photo of him spreading his hole in one shot, too. AZ Nude Men — Branding itself as a criticism and discussion site, AZ Nude has an impressive cock collection of movies and short films including film projects which stretch back decades. Unlike some crappy tube site which might have some ripped footage of a sex scene from some obscure movie which has had its fidelity downgraded, AZ Nude has literally thousands of movie clips in the original movie quality.

Every possible type of nudity and erotic depiction can be seen on this site like Bulge, Underwear, Sex, Penis. And like any proper website, all of those depictions are properly categorized and can be searched for. To make finding related content easier, every time a video ends a new one is autoloaded in the same tab in seconds, and you can scroll down the and find other photo and video links of the actors portrayed in the clip you watched.

Further, they also link you to related movies so you can keep your porn binge going. To make things even better, not only can you find photos with full frontal nudity and softcore clips, but there are even hardcore scenes on this site as well. Imagine that, Hollywood level production values with real mouth-gobbling-cock and authentic dick-in-ass action? The one complaint I have about this site is the default settings for sound. Whenever you do open up a new tab, the video will autoplay, but the sound will be muted for some reason. I'm not sure why they do this, but I find it kind of annoying.

That said, this site is otherwise fucking awesome. Celebrity Gay — Pics is the name of the game here, and boy are there a lot. Seriously, check it out for yourself. And there are sixty celebs linked per . And there are 27 gallery s! While pictures are the focus, this site also has a sex tape section hosting video of celeb fuck footage, though most of it is hetero in orientation.

The are kept to a minimum, though a few menu links will take you to an offsite pay-to-view website. Oh, and there is a cam site link, too. I guess in case you want to rub one out to a potential porn celebrity in the making. Based on what I can tell, a lot of these are either deliberately leaked photos, albeit still sexy ones, or photoshopped images. And from what my detail-oriented eye can spy I think that they seem to be mostly the former variety. The good news is that it would appear whoever wanted these photos out there had the decency to take them with quality recording equipment which is great for all you wankers who get off on this kind of thing.

Leaked Meat — Arguably the ugly sister of this list, Leaked Meat still has some posts worth looking at. The blogs themselves are pretty detailed, at least compared to others on this list, but the footage is hit or miss. Not all celeb nudity sites are deed the same way.

For instance, Leaked Meat from what I can tell, uses publicly available footage as well as pictures which celebrities themselves have deliberately leaked to the press. Then there are sites like AZ Nude Men which hosts video clips and screenshots from movies.

The posted purpose for this site isn't just to gawk at all of the hot male celebs but also critique, review, and rate the media shared, and it would definitely appear to fit under the provisions of the Fair Use doctrine. So, at best this stuff is entirely legal — or at least most of it is — and at worst is in a legal gray zone. Porn Dude, where's your fucking sex tape? Can you do me a favor and send me a dick pic, stud? Then again, I'm a businessman at heart, and if there's enough demand, I'll give what the people want. So, if you guys want to start a petition to see TPD's peen, I might just "leak" a few of my own nudie pics.

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