Meet daddy doms

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Newest Posts. Sfw or asexual littles unite here! In: Newbie Knowledge. In: General Discussion Main. Caregivers, Mommies, Daddies, adult babies, middles, babyfur, diaperfur, and all other Bigs and littles discuss regression, relationship dynamics, have open group conversation, share experienced advice, and exchange ideas to help one another grow in knowledge. Note: Personal are NOT permitted.

Forum rules: This section of the site is for open, group conversation and public discussion topics within the community. Please ask specific questions or for specific input. We suggest only asking one question per post for the best answer opportunities. See our forum FAQ for questions we no longer accept due to the frequency of them being asked. Go to DateCGL to find a special someone, partner, to date, or any other type of special connection. By kookyslippers - 5 years ago. I don't hace one but my boyfriend thinks he is mine I honestly think he's just "going through the motions" since I opened to him about it.

I'd really like to meet some people who are confident enough for me to talk too. Anyone else have this problem? User mini profile. Re: how did you meet your daddy? By Rosetta - 5 years ago. My master doesnt want to be my daddy. But he still tried to take care of me as best as he can. We met on a munch. I've tried to explain him the importance of reading up about the DDLG dynamics but i think he doesnt like to "take advice" about how to live his relationships. By HisBrightLight - 5 years ago. We went to lunch.

We wound up spending the whole day together. We exchanged s, and I called him the next day. We spent most of that day together too. I really enjoyed being around him, and I wanted to see him more. By BabyPink - 5 years ago. I was very lucky to run into someone by chance that had this kind of chemistry. By Daddylittlekitty - 5 years ago. Display: All posts 1 day 7 days 2 weeks 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year. Sort by: Author Post time Subject. Sort by: Ascending Descending Go. What is my Little Age?

I believe I'm on the asexual spectrum. I just rece[…]. Isn't it frustrating that it happens the days you […]. As your both littles you could spend time playing […]. What are your favorite toys to play with when in l[…].

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Meet daddy doms

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