Nasty links to send to friends

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If you are looking for the best Prank Websites , you have come to the right place. The prank is the act of a real joke or troublesome act to fool someone. Pranks have brought into the digital age. Pranking someone shows how foolish the person is, this sometimes is embarrassing for the victim. Many people watch pranks and funny pranks on the Internet, but some are not aware of these prank videos.

So, here is the list of sites to troll your friends just for fun. These pranks are harmless, so go ahead and try a few of them on your best friends or classmates. Ship Your Enemies Glitter. Use this site to send messages to your friends. Send a glitter bomb to your friend and wait for the response. They will definitely be pissed off. The moment you placed the order, you can get the glitter bomb delivered anywhere in the world. You can also send a note of why they are receiving this terrible gift. This website had got a lot of media coverage. It is one of the best pranks to try!

If you are looking to troll your friend or enemy, this prank is highly recommended. Imagine people who annoy you the most how will they react on this gift. You read that, right! They deliver through postal service in all countries of the world. Prank those people who annoy you by sending them this gift. Through this service, you can send hundreds of funny messages to your friends.

You can prank them by sending all these messages from different phone s all over the world. This service can send funny preset messages and a variety of comedic themes. Your friends will never know who is sending the messages. You can only send one message in 24 hours, their policy. This prank website allows you to create a fake Facebook Status and Chats. Its name is PrankMeNot. a profile photo and change anything you like with the help of an editor. Its graphical material is protected by the copyright owner and is no way associated with Facebook.

It may only be used for personal use; you can set unlimited likes, shares, and comments in it, which looks legit. It is on our list of best prank websites is enough to ensure that it is an excellent site to fool people. Send a potato through the mail. Mailing a potato is this real or a joke? The website really delivers your message on potatoes and want to spread potatoes to the world. If your friends are potato lovers, then send a potato as a gift through the mail.

These prank candles, when you lit them, they start with a pleasant smell and suddenly change into a fart smell. Victims of this prank get confused about where the odor is coming from. You can buy these prank candles easily online! Message bomber is among the popular prank websites; you will ever come across.

We can assure you that the site is full of surprises. It has a lot to offer. In addition to being user-friendly, it is entirely free. Yes, you heard us right, you do not have to pay a single penny to enjoy the website services. To further enhances the accessibility of the website, they have an app, and you can install it on Android as well as iOS devices. So, what are you waiting for? Prank your friend by sending them thousands of messages and funny text pranks. Buy these prank cards and send them to someone as a birthday gift.

These are musical cards; usually, when you open a musical card, the music starts the moment you close it; the music will stop. This is something very irritating. People are working on technology that changes the world, how would you feel when you hear about technology that fart. It will be an embarrassing situation for the victim of this prank. You will have fart noises as you scroll the website. Just imagine how embarrassing will it be when your Web s fart too.

We can never deny the fact that Great Big Stuff is among the best prank websites. You can gift regular things like a pencil, paper pin, alarm clock, and many more but not in regular size. They are huge, their products emphases on fun and functionality. Our consumers are both from corporate and entertainment customers. I hope you will enjoy their product the way other customers gave them a good response.

It is the funny prank website to fool people in love. Try this mischievous prank on your friend. How can we miss out Love calculator prank? Create a unique link and send the love calculator to your friend. When they open the love calculator, it will ask them to write the name of their crush. This will shock them after they realize they were pranked. Another excellent and one of the best prank website is WhatsApp fake chat. Confuse your friend with a fake conversation that looks like a real WhatsApp chat. Fake chat Generator allows you to simulate a very realistic WhatsApp chat quickly.

This website allows you to change the delivery status and time of the chat. You can download your fake WhatsApp chat, and it looks so real that it is hardly possible to differentiate between real or fake chat. You can also change the time or choose a background image. With so many options, it also allows you to show, quickly switch between sent or received status. You can easily pretend to be a hacker in front of anyone.

You can easily fool someone; it looks real that you are a hacker and can hack anyone system or website. Due to its high graphics, it looks convincing. Try this prank website. You will definitely enjoy it. We do believe that Key Prank is one of the best prank website; you have ever come across. It works whenever you press that mentioned key, which turns the sentence into something weird line. To tease your friend and family, you can find many ways to troll them on this prank website. Do you really want to jealous someone? Then enjoy the fake Check-in prank website. Or want your friends to think that you are on vacation, visiting an exciting place you always talked about.

Show them you are sitting in a five-star restaurant or let them think you are at a Super Bowl. This is the best place for you, send your favorite location to your friend is any form of social sharing available on your phone. Let your friends think you are a real traveler.

Share your location on Facebook, so you can perform real check-ins as if you were really there. Stay tuned. You will soon be allowed to your location on Twitter and FourSquare. This is perhaps the best prank website for people who love to travel. As the name suggests, this website publishes future NEWS. Buy shows you what the world will be after 50 years. The world is changing rapidly, so we publish the news according to the scenario of today.

It allows everyone to participate in shaping the world; this the reason you will find arguments on their every news. It any of the comments among this argument is realist, the website will revise its news and will republish it. This website will automatically and anonymously add your friend and them up to receive a vast amount of random facts.

You can send cat facts, trump facts, and many more go your friend through sendrandomfacts. Do you want to shock your friends? Here is another best prank website. Hang their phone with this website. All you need to do is send the link of this website to your friend. Irritate them with this funny prank. Shadyurl is one of the best prank websites. It is an excellent website; you can edit any web , and get a short and weird URL for the web .

The URL you will get through this website will look suspicious and will make it the next level. The most exciting thing about this website is you can make as many URLs as you want. You can even hide any URL in this link and shock your friend. Prank your friends, and enjoy the reaction.

Nasty links to send to friends

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