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Subscriber active since. Instagram said it added some nuance to its rules about what constitutes nudity after a three-month campaign by a model who said the platform was censoring her images. Nyome Nicholas-Williams, a plus-size Black model from the UK, said in early August that while Instagram told her it took down her images from a photo shoot for breaking nudity rules, she saw lots of images of equivalently unclothed — or even more-naked — thin, white women on the platform. It was shocking to me.

I feel like I'm being silenced. Instagram said on Monday that after investigating it found that its policy on "breast squeezing" had been inappropriately applied to Nicholas-Williams' images. And, if there's any doubt, we'll ask that reviewers allow the content to stay up.

This policy will apply across Instagram and Facebook," the representative said. Nicholas-Williams also welcomed the announcement in a post on Instagram on Sunday. Look what happens when three women set out to change the world! We have put our heart and souls into this campaign and to see it come to fruition is insane! The observer newspaper which is out today has covered the campaign from the beginning and have written another article which highlights the hard work Gina, Alex and I have done although it states they launched the campaign this is in fact not the case as Gina, Alex and myself strategised for three months to ensure a change would happen.

Hang tight for the full details of the policy change, as I will be detailing more information soon. We worked very hard on this and managed to get Instagram and mosseri attention and there's still a lot of work to be done, as black plus sized women continue to be censored in many ways; and white women STILL tried to hijack and make it their campaign. There is of course a huge racial imbalance in the algorithm that still exists as white bodies are promoted and don't have to worry about censorship of their posts but black bodies still have to justify presence on the platform, this has also been brought to Instagrams attention!

But when we put our minds to it Hopefully this policy change will bring an end to the censorship of fat black bodies. The last three have been absolutely wild to say the least but we move and move things we did! In July, Instagram created an internal team to examine racial bias on its platform after it received complaints from underrepresented groups that they were being unfairly targeted by its moderation policies.

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Nyome Nicholas-Williams said in August that her images were taken down while images of "very naked, skinny white women" remained on Instagram. Instagram said that it had incorrectly applied its rules on "breast squeezing" to Nicholas-Williams' images and that it was adding more nuance to those rules. Instagram said the platform and Facebook would now allow any images where someone is "simply hugging, cupping or holding their breasts.

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Nude women on instagram

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