EURES, the European Job Mobility Portal, provides a dedicated employers section. By registering, your company can access a wide pool of candidates.

You can:

  • register as an employer to search for CVs matching your requirements
  • find candidates
  • advertise a job
  • view, save and organise candidates to make recruitment easier
  • get help and advice from a EURES adviser

Drop’pin provides employers with CVs of young skilled Europeans

You can:

  • browse online the CVs of potential candidate
  • directly post youth opportunities on the portal

Your first EURES Job is a programme for employers willing to hire workers, trainees or apprentices aged 18 to 35 from other EU countries, Iceland and Norway.

By registering on the EUJOB4EU platform, you can:

  • be put in touch directly with candidates you want to meet
  • find the workforce you need for hard-to-fill vacancies
  • get financial support for hiring employees
  • get free tailor-made services through the hiring process
  • receive expert consultant services for accurate screening process
  • receive follow-up services from a personal adviser during the entire process is a web platform where companies and organisations can offer internship vacancies to individuals seeking international opportunities.

A company can:

  • post their vacancies for free
  • access a member base of internationally-minded, young, skilled professionals
  • see all the applications to their vacancies and decide which candidates they want to recruit

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a programme that provides established SMEs with the opportunity to host a new or potential entrepreneur from another EU country for on-the-job training.

As a hosting entrepreneur, you:

  • act as a coach or mentor
  • make use of a fresh entrepreneurial attitude
  • obtain knowledge about another market and culture
  • gain international cooperation opportunities
  • get new ideas and fresh perspectives
  • receive financial support for the stay of the entrepreneur from the EU

European Job Days are Europe-wide recruitment fairs matching job seekers with employers in other European countries.

By registering for a European Job Day, you can:

  • get free and direct access to a huge pool of European job seekers
  • attend a job day through online chat tools and livestreaming
  • become an exhibitor at one of the European Job Days events

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