Job seekers look for:

  • quality of work environment
  • good work-life balance
  • respectful superiors
  • a friendly atmosphere
  • fair salaries that correspond to experience, qualifications and expected effort
  • opportunities for future career development

Overall, job seekers value the type of work, the sector of the industry and the salaries. They place less importance on type of employer, travel and additional benefits.

The Main Characteristics Job Seekers Look For a Job in Tourism


Group 1

I am:

  • 32 years old
  • likely to have a Bachelor degree (33%)
  • a student, self-employed or an entrepreneur
  • more likely to use social media and friends to find jobs

I prefer to:

  • work in the entertainment, recreation and attractions area of the tourism industry
  • travel frequently
  • work for a multinational corporation
  • work in a managerial and entrepreneurial position
  • have a fixed salary with a bonus and additional benefits

Group 1 is more receptive and open towards careers in tourism.

Group 2

I am:

  • 34 years old
  • likely to have a university degree (bachelor - 38%; master - 26%)
  • a private sector employee
  • have a year or more on average in work experience
  • more likely to use career websites to find a job

I prefer:

  • a full-time, permanent contract with a fixed salary and bonus
  • occasional travel

Group 2 looks for specific job profiles not widely offered in the tourism sector.

Group 3

I am:

  • 34 years old
  • almost equally likely to have completed high school/secondary school (26%), college (25%) and a bachelor’s degree (29%)
  • slightly more unemployed
  • more likely to use a career website to find a job

I prefer:

  • to work in the accommodation and food & beverages sector
  • a part-time permanent contract
  • not to travel at all

Group 3 has a strong preference for specific tourism areas and prefers the stability of office hours and little travel, such as young graduates in economics, business or management.