White Research (WR) is a social research enterprise situated in Brussels that specialises in consumer behaviour and market research, as well as digital and social innovation in several business sectors, such as ICT, health and transport. The company addresses policy, market and user-related aspects through an array of diverse analytic tools. More specifically, WR mines and interprets hard-to-grasp stakeholder and consumer insights through a combination of modern analytics and marketing research and evaluation methods with an emphasis on applied experimental research and on collective intelligence.

Within this context, WR carries out relevant studies in collecting and analysing surveyed or experimental stakeholder and user-related data and turning asymmetric information to meaningful advices and recommendations towards the transferring and application of identified innovations, best practices and policy measures to the different market, social or policy contexts of the case under focus. Consequently, WR gathers a wide-ranging expertise and significant experience in translating applied market research and analyses outcomes to realistic policy and business recommendations, therefore, enabling a hybrid Marketing Research – Management Consulting model.