Peropero seduction review

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Menu ULMF. Log in Register. Search titles only. Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts Latest activity. Members Current visitors. Sex Games. Live Sex Cams. Everywhere Thre This forum This thread. Filters Search. New posts. Search forums. Nutaku PeroPero Seduction. Thread starter Lafate Start date Jun 9, Prev 1 … Go to . Go to . First Prev of Go to . Misanthropic Demon Girl Master. ed Sep 26, Messages Reputation score 0. Suppose you need to hit that specific Raid Boss Juno?

Rawr Tentacle God. ed Sep 22, Messages 5, Reputation score Okay, this Dragon Providence thing is pretty confusing, what a cluttered UI. ed Sep 11, Messages 1, Reputation score It's horrific. ed May 17, Messages 1, Reputation score Killing raid bosses goes pretty much like poking SEGs, all you have to do is poke them and you get kill credit.

I expected to go through hell. I probably over prepared for DP considering how simple it sounds, but to be honest I don't hate DP all that much, the cluttered UI and small screen are awful but the conquest battles are actually really fun when you get into the top level guilds.

Last edited: Mar 14, The Overgoat Tentacle God. ed Jun 6, Messages Reputation score But I picked it up when they put out the mobile version. The event boss will be out from the 16th. After then you just have to spam the quest doesn't matter which and every now and then you'll get a raid boss.

Hit once and then you can share them. Raid bosses under lvl die like flies out there. You should be easily capable of discarding 10 in the first day. Getting destroyed in about 2 weeks is a piece of cake, regardless of your level, since others can and will kill the raid bosses for you very efficiently. Also, if you click on the "raid" button there will be a purple "raid boss reinforcement request" button if there are any raid bosses shared with you. You just have to hit them once which is entirely free and it'll count towards your kill-count.

Considering that you start out with 50 or so AP and BP potions as far as i can remember, it really shouldn't be a problem. DP players seem to have gotten the shorter end of the stick here. Getting 2 mill with a completely new doesn't seem feasible to me. But then again, the reward is also greater. A max limit-break SSR card aside of the one from the initial, 60 day bonus is something that pretty much only heavy payers get. So dropping something like that for free is a pretty huge deal. ed May 11, Messages Reputation score 1. I really don't like the crossover events, it just feels like you're being punished for not investing time into other games.

Meanwhile used 3 event gatcha tickets and got 2 SRs and 1 R card, which would be great if any of them were slayers. It seems I'll have to roll with the N slayers on this one. I guess I'll resist for a while longer and see how this goes. Akko13 Demon Girl Pro.

ed Oct 15, Messages Reputation score 0. Solstic Demon Girl. ed Jan 22, Messages 70 Reputation score 1. Re: Nutaku PeroPero Seduction rjrmonteiro said:. I just feel so screwed over Re: Nutaku PeroPero Seduction A completely new player to PPS with proper tactics, ificant effort and an established player cleaning up their EGs for them could probably get about 1M EP by the end of the event without lucking or buying into slayers.

I can't see 2M being possible without slayers. There are no phase rewards for EG, and you rarely see the same people atop the leaderboards by Phase 2. If you're burning all your consumables during phase 1 of EG or Gambit, you're doing it wrong. Re: Nutaku PeroPero Seduction I think collaborations could be a good thing, if they would remember that no one is going to throw money into another game to get rewards for the game they do play.

Like for example the OI crossover was terrible, unless you already played OI or threw money at it you had no chance to get the pero rewards, thankfully the pero rewards were trash. This time around the rewards in DP are super easy to get but the pero rewards for new players are pretty much impossible. I think 1 million should have been the max EP you have to get, asking for 2 million EP from people who probably just started is fucking retarded. Now you are mostly punished if you don't sink a sizable amount of time into ALL of Nutakus games which is asinine.

Re: Nutaku PeroPero Seduction szarala said:. A completely new player to PPS with proper tactics, s.. Locutus Tentacle Monster. ed Dec 8, Messages Reputation score I'm guessing that for the No. Also, I've got 4 open friend slots if anyone wants in. What's the secret to doing well in these EG events? Which is good, because the last time I played this, SEGs started out around 1mil health. So after just a few levels in I won't be able to beat them without potions, so I have to wait until I get lucky and some of the people on my friendlist takes them out or they expire.

And the last time I've played it tagging didn't count towards your SEG kill-list, so pretty much nobody ever wanted to help, since normal EGs were better investments and less likely to fail. I don't know whether that changed or not, but back then that bullshit was one of the main factors in me dropping the game. Very nice guy Demon Girl. ed Jan 11, Messages 54 Reputation score Having seen some images and reading some reviews I'm still under the impression it is. Look to Rawr's advice a couple of s back. Don't assist others and don't share your own if you can beat it with 2 or less focus.

After you've gotten to the point where you can't beat your own in 2 weak hits, THEN start sharing and assisting. So is PeroPero censored? As far as I remember, SEGs are only showing up in the second phase. On one hand, it has mosaics. On the other, it has the highest of unmodified lolis as far as I know. Win some, lose some, such is life. You must log in or register to reply here. Similar thre J. JorgeFFC May 15, 2. Replies 33 Views 7K. Aug 8, PolRela. Replies 0 Views 4K. Oct 5, alan0n.

Peropero seduction review

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Peropero Seduction