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Feb 1. Posted by drmarkgriffiths. They turn me on. Regular readers of my blog will be aware that I have covered a very wide range of different bodily fetishes but never the ear. Most of the body parts I have examined are arguably devoid of any sexual sensitivity and would not be described as erogenous zones but the earlobe is not one of those non-sensitive areas because it contains many nerve endings.

People have erogenous zones all over their bodies, but which areas are more sensitive than others vary. Some may resent stimulation that others find arousing. The stimulation of these areas can produce gentle, mild or intense arousal. Although there are earlobe fetish videos on YouTube , and dedicated ear fetish channels including ear cleaning, ear twisting, ear pulling, ears of Japanese women played with by various items , I went in search of first-person s of ear fetishes on the internet and located quite a lot and of a of different varieties.

I also located first-person s from the partners of individuals with alleged ear fetishes and not always consensual. My own research suggests there are at least four different types of ear fetishism: i general ear fetishes including arousal related to the size of ears, protruding ears, and actions performed on the ears such as licking, smelling, rubbing, and massaging them , ii earlobe fetishes, iii pierced ear fetishes, and iv earlobe gauge fetishes.

In the rest of this blog, I provide some examples of what I found online:. Obviously I have no idea whether all of these confessions and stories are truthful although I have no reason to suspect not , and I have no idea how representative these s are. However, taken as a whole, a of tentative conclusions can be made. Secondly, some of the fetishes may be subtypes of other fetishes e.

Thirdly, most of the fetishes appear to involve heterosexuals although one did mention being aroused by ears from someone of the same sex and can be experienced by both men and women. Finally, there appear to be other by-products of sexual ear play that may also be arousing e. Aggrawal A. Arthur, C. The Independent, February t, L. Erogenous zone. Leave a comment. Tags: Ear fetishism , Ear partialism , Ear piercing fetish , Earlobe , Earlobe gauge fetshes , Erogenous zone , Gynotikolobomassophilia , Non-consensual ear fetishism , Piercing fetish , Sexual arousal , Sexual biting , Sexual fetishism.

Welcome to my blog! Blog at WordPress. Home About Dr Mark Griffiths. Blog Archives All around the lobe: A brief look at ear fetishes Feb 1. In the rest of this blog, I provide some examples of what I found online: First-person s of general ear fetishes Extract 1. Is this odd and how common is it? Extract 1. Though I highly doubt it…I am aware its weird. Does anyone else have an ear fetish? I like to hold ears and feel it, smell it, licking nibbling it. He told me to keep going so I sucked on it and licked behind his ear and sucked on the skin around it.

He told me afterwards that no one has ever done that to him before and he really liked it…Does he have an ear fetish or something? He also loves to pull, kiss, sniff, massage, lick them. And at first it was creepy. But then I started to like it. But is it okay for him to be ear fetish? Obviously he has some sort of ear fetish. But what I want to know is… why? What exactly turns the guy on about this? And I was embarrassed cause I felt like I had dirty ears or something…What about this turns a guy on and how is he not grossed out by earwax taste?

Except one. He likes to lick the inside of my ears, pretty vigorously, when we are in bed. I have never experienced this before. Does this turn most guys on? Extract 2. And somehow, I came up with the idea that it was for pleasure that they did it. I only know that at a really young age it aroused me. I dream of earrings and having my ears pierced — of feeling that weight pulling on my ear lobes and dangles swaying into my neck. When pierced ears became common in the s, it drove me even wilder. I have no idea where this fascination came from as no one in my family or in the small village where we lived had pierced ears when I was a young boy.

The only time I actually saw women with pierced ears was when we went to a nearby town to do our shopping. Many parents would not allow their daughters to get their ears pierced, so the earring manufacturers responded with screw on earrings that made their ears look like they were pierced.

I bought two pairs [of these] earrings for myself, but wore them only in the privacy of my bedroom as boys wearing earrings [was] completely unheard of. The tighter you screwed the earrings on your ears, the more your ears looked like they were actually pierced…One night I fell asleep with earrings screwed tightly on my ears. I took them off the next morning as soon as I woke up and was fascinated by the marks they left on my ears. I went to school wondering and worrying about what people would say when they saw the marks that made my ears look like they were pierced…the whole experience made me more fascinated with pierced ears than ever before.

When the girl who became my wife and I were seriously dating I asked her to have her ears pierced which she did for me. She knew I was fascinated with pierced ears and earrings and shortly after we were married she suggested I fulfill my fantasy and have my ears pierced. Men with pierced ears were still virtually unknown and neither of us was brave enough to ask a jeweler or a doctor to pierce my ears, so she pierced them for me using the ice cube and needle technique that was popular back then.

That was a very exciting and emotional day for me. Extract 3. I easily get aroused if my earrings are [on] and someone is tugging on my ears. I thought I was the only person in the world to have this fetish. I can actually make myself climax by playing with my ears as long as earrings are in them…I love the way it makes me tingle.

First-person s of earlobe fetishes Extract 4. Is it normal or weird? This experience for both of us was very exciting. I got very hard on and she became very wet. Extract 4. I always notice girls [with] short hair or hair in a ponytail immediately. It just occurred to me that I have been this way for a long time. Fetish or just a quirk? If I felt your ears, I knew you really well…maybe a close friend or two, having to endure me during movies and such, absent mindedly reaching over and starting to flick their ears. I tried to tell them it was all in affection.

I have never really convinced them of that…I have no clue what it is about ears that attracts me so. Big, little, sticky-out, large lobed, no lobed, soft curly baby ears especially those , pointy looking ears, normal ears, unusual ears. First-person s of e ar lobe gauge fetishes Extract 5. Specifically with the ones the wear gauges. Extract 5. Like if your partner had big gauges in their ears. Would you put your penis in?

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Piercing fetish

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