Pregnant fetish site

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Everywhere Thre This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. AmberCutie's Forum. An adult community for cam models and members to discuss all the things! Install the app. Pregnant Fetish Advice? Thread starter KristinKervz Start date Jan 23, By continuing to use this site you are confirming that you are at least 18 years of age. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Status Not open for further replies. Cam Model. Mar 9, 1, 2, 33 Florida KervyFans.

Models and members can both answer I'm new to this. Rose Cam Model. Apr 10, 14, 49, 1, Music City blackxrose Measure it, lotion it, regular JOI, giantess, vore Pregnancy was my most profitable fetish by far, and still is. The actual pregnancy videos are all from May 8, 1, 1, NY. Kind of goes hand in hand with pregnancy, Lactation, milk pumping, hand milking, milking, milk drinking, vacuum pumping, hucow, extra. Some sites have rules against it, so worth checking, not worth a ban. Reactions: KristinKervz. Deleted member Guest. KristinKervz said:. Click to expand EliMarie Cam Model.

It was a very profitable time for me, but I did hear that some live cam sites don't allow Preggos to stream. SM was fine though. I did weight gain fetish clips, pregnancy symptom updates w belly lotion, masturbation, JOI, Preggo Femdom, Eating, Face stuffing, a bunch of it. To this day I still make a lot of money off of those clips, as well as my lactating ones, so I price them a little higher. I basically did live shows of all the same stuff, lots of people who were into me getting bigger, roleplay crushing etc I had a few weirdos request things like that I punch my belly, for a custom or a show etc, and I reported them immediately.

Or that I whip it with a belt or similarly dumb shit, who were also immediately reported. Be careful, on the preggo fetish site Preggophilia, pirating is rampant. I had to go on there, on a weekly basis, and have the administrators remove free pirated links of my stuff, and I actually lost it on several people who I caught offering up my clips for free, to others.

There is a promoter on Twitter who still promotes my Preggo content, and gets me a lot of traffic. Last edited: Jan 28, EliMarie said:. It was a very profitable time for me Reactions: SaffronBurke and EliMarie I keep hearing how profitable pregnancy is, but so far for me it hasn't been at all. People will occasionally tip to see my bump, or take me exclusive to hear me talk about it, but not for very long.

I haven't made any videos yet Kinda wanna wait til my belly is more round but I'm definitely starting to look more pregnant now. I wish I'd lactate more!! I've only leaked a tiny bit, once. Last edited: Jan 29, Reactions: SaffronBurke and KristinKervz. Rose said:. It comes in the last few weeks Those last few days are BANG I made diddly fucking squat until I got huge huge and was practically in labor. Edit to clarify: when I say BIG sales I mean people purposefully waited had a handful I can remember specifically who messaged me until after kiddo was born to go back and buy every single one of my pregnancy videos, fetish, vlog, and otherwise.

There were some who waited and bought all of the videos the day I gave birth to intentionally celebrate. Those dudes were where it's at!!! Hope that makes a bit more sense. I had been vlogging since the first positive test after the 7 false negatives so I have LOTS of pregnancy video backlogs.

Reactions: SaffronBurke. JickyJuly Cam Model. Apr 13, 5, 35, Florida www. Sounds like you have a fanbase that actually loves you as a person! I think I fucked up from - half of by being as slutty and hardcore as possible. My guys really don't give a shit about anything unless it involves me taking dick, and even then they're cheap af.

They have never cared at all about my personal life or my personality. I've been trying for the past few months to attract a different type of audience. More fetish and non-explicit guys. Maybe it's not too late to start vlogging? Man, I can't imagine how hard it's gonna be for my fat ass to be motivated to film during the later weeks.

I'm only 20 weeks 6 days, and I'm massive. View attachment JickyJuly said:. Marceline Cam Model. Aug 11, 1, 5, I've never been pregnant, so maybe take this with a grain of salt, but I would think vore vids while pregnant would sell really well. Almost all my top selling videos on C4S are vore vids and the ones where I'm noticeably bloated do exceptionally well. Reactions: KristinKervz and SaffronBurke. Marceline said:. Reactions: Rose and KristinKervz. ForceTen said:.

I had to look up what vore is. Reactions: JickyJuly and Rose. Is it really petty of me to feel some type of way about the questions "is this your first? I know they're just being polite and making conversation. But I feel those are very personal questions. What if it wasn't going so well? Do they really expect me to get so personal and ruin the mood for everyone with depressing news? As far as asking if it's my first - I don't want to deny my angel babies by saying "yes," but I also don't want to talk about miscarriage on cam.

What would you say? I dumped my trauma on them and told them how many times I barfed that morning and how hard I barfed 10 seconds before they came in my room. Then I demand they tip or ban them. Jan 6, 43 Texas www. I am currently 9. It's been extremely profitable for me also. Streaming sites not so much. More and videos. Id highly suggest weight gain videos every week. I should ruin your life.

So fertile and deserve to be worshipped. Look at all my new curves and treat me like the supreme female I am. Working through your fatigue is the hardest part if you need to put in hours. I suggest taking breaks frequently to put your feet up.

My hips hurt too much even if I sit in a desk chair. Good luck!!! That's great haha. What reason did you give for demanding a tip? In my experience, the guys who ask questions like that just leave when I bring up money. What a bitch. SaffronBurke Cam Model. SaffronBurke said:. If I get asked ANY leading questions what do you think about 3" penises, etc I tell them no fetish talk unless you tip or take me exclusive, and if they bitch I ban.

NO Freebies! I do this too, when it's an obvious fetishy question. Omfg I hate when they ask a weird ass question that's obviously a fetish and I demand a tip for the answer and they claim they were "just making convo.

Pregnant fetish site

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