Santa claus fetish

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Yes, some people are sexually aroused by the figure of Santa Clause. And while that might ruin Christmas for some people, an article about Santa fetish may actually be vindication for women who actually have it. Are they strange? Sometimes, yes.

Are they wrong? Not necessarily. A fetish is when an item or person is associated with sex. This goes for things like diapers, feet, insects, and the list goes on and on. So, how do people get a sexual fetish? It seems the most appropriate explanation for the Santa fetish. Childhood experiences can contribute to the development of a fetish. And the more someone associates an object or person with the feeling of being sexually aroused, the more likely it is that these two, seemingly unrelated things will become deeply connected.

That brings us to the Santa fetish. After all, Santa is someone we get to know as children during the Christmas season. Researchers have identified that the figure of Santa Claus can indeed be understood through the psychoanalytic concept of fetishism. But how do people develop a thing for Santa — especially based on childhood associations? Here are eight possibilities. Santa is like a kind and generous authority figure who makes you feel safe.

And for women who had a disconnected, or emotionally unavailable father, it would make sense that they would feel a deep attraction to someone who is there for them and makes them feel secure. Think about it. He gives it to you. He just wants to make you happy. Another alluring quality of good, old Santa is his red outfit.

Plus, we have long associated red with romantic concepts, like love, passion, and fire. It also seems that people who wear the color red are more confident and actually more sexual, too. Seeing Santa decked out in head to toe red may al something in the subconscious mind and contribute to the sexual fetish.

In a survey of over 8, women, ranging from young to old, researchers discovered that hands down, women think men with facial hair are more attractive. Could this contribute to the Santa fetish? Santa is basically an eternal figure, who has been part of the Christmas culture for centuries. And an experienced man can be kind of exciting.

Wink wink. They want to let loose and stop feeling so uptight. Then, he sneaks into your house and leaves you gifts. You can interpret this any way you want. Take St. Because he saved three poor women from having to earn their money as sex workers by providing them with enough money to get married. It seems that back in the s, Father Christmas was a bit of a naughty boy himself. Well then! The sexualization of Santa continues to this day. The Santa fetish is definitely a thing, and it might draw on some powerful childhood associations.

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Santa claus fetish

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Santa Claus fetish is a real thing and here's all you need to know about it