Sex cruises for couples

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Couples Cruise. Cart 0. On all of our Couples Cruise, full ship, clothing optional charters we have playrooms where you can expand your sexual horizons and explore your own fantasies. But if you do, you can set the level of your experience to your level of comfort. You can do as much or as little as you want in our playrooms. You can just watch others or be watched if that is where you feel comfortable. Our drapes allow you to be as private as you want to be by giving you the option to leave the curtains open, so anyone can see, closing the sheers for a little more privacy or you can close the drapes completely for maximum privacy.

You will go away with better relationships, more understanding of one another, inspiration and new knowledge. To get in, you need to be in a robe, a towel, boxers or briefs or lingerie. Basically something sexy and easy to remove, no jeans, suits or dresses are allowed. Because of this, we have the most active playrooms.

People come to play. If you want to socialize, our cruises offer plenty of places for that, if you want to play, then come check out our playrooms. No means no. Someone is harassing you, see one of the Couples Cruise staff and they will have a word with them. Respect each other and respect other people in the playrooms and you will have a great time.

In order to inspire the erotic experience in a room full of people, the room has to have the right atmosphere. We use silks, velvet sand sheer fabrics to set the mood and to differentiate spaces. We use embroidered pillows to more color and comfort. Soft lighting and candles create just the right lighting for sensual encounters. We have put together a collection of sensual music that will serve as the background for the evening.

Finally, we use professional spa diffusers to ensure that the playrooms smell awesome. All of our beds have a vinyl barrier that keeps any body fluids from penetrating the mattresses. After each use, our team strips the sheets, spray the vinyl cover with medical grade sanitizer, dries off the bed with a towel and then remakes the bed with fresh linens. We picked some great dungeon masters and monitors that not only teach informative classes and perform erotic demonstrations, but they oversee the play at night to make sure everything is Safe, Sane and Consensual.

Sex cruises for couples

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