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Its singular term, cum, describes the fluid that has been produced. Cumming can be used as a verb or a noun. Cumming can occur through any kind of sexual stimulation, including masturbation, manual, oral, anal sex, and a wide variety of kink and fetish practices. When used as a noun, cum can refer to seminal fluid or vaginal ejaculate. Cumming can also happen without ejaculation or fluid. Because most people have the capacity to experience orgasm and produce sexual fluids, cumming is not specific to any gender or to any sexual orientation.

The term, either as a noun or a verb, can be used in any situation. Because it is slang, some might find the word distasteful for their sexual vocabulary, whereas others who enjoy dirty talk might experience a thrill when using this type of slang term during sex. Variants of the word have been used for centuries, but cumming has been most popularized in recent years in modern pornography. So much so that it has now become synonymous with the genre.

In porn, it can be both sexy and practical. Performers with penises can announce their orgasm as both a cue for viewers as well as their scene partner, camera operator and director to ensure the most cinematic shot of their orgasm once achieved. The use of the words cum and cumming can often stir a spirited debate. The full etymological history of either cumming, or coming, is unknown. The debate between cumming and coming can almost be reduced down to class distinction. However, others will note that language, much like sexuality and fluid, are mutable.

It is unknown which version of the words are more popular, however cum and cumming have certainly made inro to acceptability and prevalence as people continue embracing texting as communication. One place where the debate frequently continues is in written erotica. Many writers chose one or the other and stick with that preference. However, they may shake their usage up among different kinds of characters and to create distinct scenes. thousands receiving hot new sex related articles, goodies, and great deals. Reviewed by Dr. Sunny Rodgers. More About Cumming The use of the words cum and cumming can often stir a spirited debate.

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Sex cumm

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