Sex dungeon ideas

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Our constant pursuit in making premium sexual health products accessible to all. Expand your sex repertoire with our Playbook of intimate positions and techniques. Experience ultimate solo and partner play. Beginner or expert, learn how to easily talk about, explore, discover and satisfy your pleasure. With yourself and your partner. We are all about personalising your pleasure experience, and what better way than setting up your very own sex dungeon.

When it comes to working hard and playing hard, this is just one great way to surprise your partner and take them deep into your dark, fantasy world. We are here to help you explore pleasurable playful experiences with these sex dungeon bedroom ideas. While we recommend personalising your pleasure, do be sure to keep safe, physically. DIY internal sex toys can be dangerous. Think bacterial infections and lost vibrations. So, it's good to choose a smart sex toy instead. Additionally to keeping yourself physically, mentally and emotionally safe, know your own boundaries and learn the boundaries of your partner.

Check in on them and ask for their consent. If you are unsure we came up with some more suggestions on how to ask for want you want in the bedroom. One of the things to remember is that no matter how you are exploring pleasure, conversation is essential. Trust is essential. Come up with a safe word. There is a fine line between pleasure and pain, so much so that Scientists actually know very little about it.

It has been known that BDSM has been linked as a tool to heal from trauma, making this space an extra sensitive one. Now for setting the scene. Nothing says anticipation like guiding your unassuming partner into a room… readily prepared for whatever you have in store for them. How does it look? What does it smell like? How would it make your partner feel? Lighting and atmosphere is not only vital, but remember to put your own personal spin on things.

Personalised touches to your sex dungeon can help you feel in control whilst simultaneously at ease with your new-found fantasy. What about the bathroom or kitchen? Maybe you have an attic or basement handy? Just be careful of sharp corners…. Get experimental with colours and materials to drape over furniture. A smart mood-light like Eve Flare can change the atmosphere of any room via your phone or through voice command by Siri. Let your inner seducer come out to play. Just remember, it is your sex dungeon, and you can do what you want. This section will offer some ideas for DIY bondage for beginners.

You can simply find objects around the home. A sleeping eye mask makes for a great blindfold. You could even use a suit tie and underwear for a gag. If you plan on investing in some bondage materials online, just make sure you think about the materials you would like to use. This will help to personalise the experience. Also known as Shibari, Japanese rope bondage is a fun way to build up the sexual tension with you and your partner. Here are just two types of rope that Pete Riggs recommends for bondage for beginners:.

Cotton : This wonderfully cheap material is light and made of natural fibres, making it a great for bondage for beginners. Plus they can come in an array of beautiful colours — once again you can personalise these to suit your sex dungeon. Riggs mentions to be careful though, as knots in cotton rope can be difficult to unpick….

Jute : This is a popular bondage rope for beginners, as well as in Shibari expert circles. It does cost a little more, but feels really good on the skin and generally the easiest to tie and unpick knots. Riggs really rates it:. It has a sort of liveliness to it. It makes the experience of tying someone a lot more fun. When you are using rope bondage in your sex dungeon you want to be in control. Slowly pull the rope across their body to create friction when you are tying them up.

Build the anticipation with softer and harder sensations. Mix being gentle and rough with your partner. Which is why in Shibari, the single column tie is the first rope bondage tie you should learn to avoid dangerous knots. Pete Riggs gives us a hand in that department in this simple video:. Bravo, Tada, Voila! Your sex dungeon is complete. You have tied up your partner. They are ready and hopefully willing, now you have a chance to play! Completely at your mercy, how do you want them to remember this night?

You are in control of all the pleasure. Play with their senses. That might be with sight and sound foreplay. You could make them watch you explore your pleasure. Even a simple moan can often reduce someone to a blissful state, making for a great arousal technique.

It is important to tease them here. Maybe you want to explore some taste and smell foreplay. Be creative with a blindfold and have them taste different parts of your body. For the ultimate personalised pleasure try Crescendo the body adaptable smart vibrator or Tenuto the wearable smart vibrator for men while they are tied up. Whether you are teasing or edging your partner, using a vibrator is an essential tool, for beginners and the more experienced. Making them squirm or squirt.

The best orchestrator to conduct these is the MysteryApp. Connect your smartphone to choose which vibrating motors to turn on, surprising them and building up their sexual energy until they reach the point of no return. Reality sets in. Ease your way back into normality after ravishing your partner in your sex dungeon.

Take care to untie your partner and make sure you take time to focus on your creature comforts together. Check in with your partner to find out their thoughts. Make sure they felt safe during the experience, especially if you want to do it again, and again, and again. Our biggest sale of the year is here! United States selected. Aland Islands. Bosnia And Herzegovina. Bouvet Island. Cook Islands. Czech Republic. Faroe Islands. Holy See Vatican City State. Hong Kong. Isle Of Man. New Zealand. North Macedonia. San Marino. South Korea. Svalbard And Jan Mayen.

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Sex dungeon ideas

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10 Tips on How to Build a Kinky BDSM Dungeon in Your Home