Snap sex review

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One thing that I want to make clear before I cover the Snapsex site review, I want to make it clear that Snapsex and SnapSext are completely different websites. Now let me get started…. It has become so popular that multiple sites are trying to copy it, or at least copy its name.

SnapSex is a hookup site that promises to give you a platform to send snaps, sext, and meet for sex. That said, the company behind this want to be the hookup site that modern singles go to when they want to meet and have sex. The more I looked into this site, the more I found out that it was just a huge gimmick.

Check out the details of my investigation below and you will know its shortcomings. I could see right through their con, so there are four questions which they make you answer before you register and this to me came off as stupid and a waste of time. Then comes the boneheaded question about whether you are comfortable with nudity.

The last step is supposed to be to confirm that you are over You are then taken through another set of questions just to be redirected to EasySnapSex. You are redirected to an entirely different site, so technically SnapSex is not technically a dating site. I was on a different site and I already saw one of the main warning s that told me to stay away. You are asked to username, password, age, and e-mail. This is where you will see the words Love Stars. You must click on the term to get the full definition. They literally admit in their terms and conditions that these are fictitious, models, or bots.

These Love Stars work for the site in an effort to stimulate dialogue. They send you fake messages to make you think they are real women. This is not for entertainment like they claim. They tell you that they need this for age verification, but that is just not even close to the truth. They just want your financial info on file so they can eventually charge you.

They have an offer for a site called DiscreetAnalAffairs. Could it be that you are about to be sent elsewhere once again? Are you convinced that they want to just get a bunch of money out of you? If not, you should be! That is not my idea of money well spent. There is simply not one single reason to SnapSex. The entire process is a redirect nightmare. You are literally redirected to an entirely different site during the registration process. They admit to using fake profiles and send fake messages via Love Stars. The company literally tells you they offer free dating yet, they ask you for your credit card info for age verification.

Of course, this le to hundreds of dollars in hidden charges. The only way that visiting this site would be beneficial to you is if you check it out to learn all the common s of a fraud. Just stay the hell away from this Snapsex! I wanted to provide you with just a little bit more information about this Snapsex site.

There are a bunch of copy cat sites out there trying to do exactly what the Snapsex. They all suck other than the one I suggested here in this review. Everything else is pure and utter crap! Ryan Malone is a serial dater who enjoys casual flings. He created this website for all the cocksman out there looking for the best ways to find casual encounters in all the weirdest places. You can follow him on Twitter and sometimes find him posting videos with opinions on dating sites on YouTube.

This site is nothing but a terrible Snapchat clone. I got taken for a ride on this site and spent hours chatting with love stars thinking it would get me somewhere. All it got me was my hand and a bottle of lube. Wow, this site is the absolute worst. I tried using this for two weeks and it led to absolutely nothing. I will never get that time back. Sites like Snapsex.

Mobile dating has never been worse. A more appropriate name would be snapscam!!!!

Snap sex review

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Is Snapsext A Real Tool To Hook Up Tonight?