Submissive positions for women

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If you are submissive in your BDSM play , any sex position where your date is dominant will work for these. But if you're looking to change things up and really explore kinky ways to make you and your partner orgasm , here's an opportunity to work bondage play into the mix. With these sex positions and techniques, you'll be opened up to a whole new world of play.

One common thing that really turns on many sexually submissive women is being restrained in some fashion. This allows the man to both penetrate her, use sex toys on her, and use other sensory play such as ice cubes or feathers," says sexpert Coleen Singer from Sssh.

In this kinky technique, the man brings her just to the point of orgasm and then stops what he is doing. One technique that really enhances sex for a submissive is, prior to any penetration, non-sexual sensory play is introduced. Once he has her utmost attention from this, she will be primed to be lead to a great orgasm or several! While she's restrained, lying on her back on the bed or furniture, blindfold her and then, without saying a word, randomly use sex toys on her that have a variety of tactile feels.

One somewhat more advanced trick is after she's restrained and blindfolded, put a pair of nipple clamps on her just be sure you test them out to make sure they are not too strong! Leave them on for the entire foreplay and sex session, and then at the moment she's having an orgasm, take them off of her," says Singer. The rush of blood back to the nipples combined with the clitoral or G-spot orgasm can be mind-blowing. Her legs are spread as widely as possible and are either held down by his strong hands or tied up. This is missionary, giving him deep access and full control.

He may also want to tie her hands with her arms stretched out, submitting fully to his desires," says Antonia Hall , MA. This is a modified doggy style position, with the female lying face down and her legs minimally spread apart. She'll have no question of who's in control in this deep access position," says Hall. All photos: weheartit. Her hands can be tied together for this, and a slider bar can be used on her legs for additional restraint.

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Submissive positions for women

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Sex Positions for Dominant and Submissive Females