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These kind of websites are not dating sites. The company IBellEU. On real dating services they always enable you to create a free basic so you can log into the members, so you can see if there are any women located in your community that you're interested in hooking up with etc. This is the staple in online dating, it's how they lure you into upgrading. There's nothing wrong with this. However, on UHitIt. The fact that you can't unless you upgrade and buy a membership was a huge red flag that showed this website was in fact a scam.

We never paid to and after reading the terms and conditions we're very glad that we didn't! Screenshot of the fine print showing the charges you receive on your credit card statement. Below we've included a screenshot taken from the front of UHitIt. Circled in red are fake profiles that we found on other websites. Without even barely looking for it we found five fake profiles even before getting into the members area of the website. What you need to understand is this website is a complete scam and the only reason they created this website is so they can get your credit card information and charge your credit card.

If you look below the screenshot we've also listed all the different website links where you can find the photographs used in the fake dating profiles on UHitIt. The reason we've added this is to show you where they steal photographs for the fake profiles that they create. It's ridiculous for anyone to think that these kind of women would be looking for casual hookup encounters.

Fake dating sites like UHitIt use pictures of hot girls to create fictitious profiles so you will want to the site. They use photographs of attractive women as an advertising tool. Men will the site if they think they can get laid but they can't. Once they've entered their credit card information and realize that they've been duped it's too late!

There's a saying if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Well in this situation if it looks too good to be true then it is! Their one goal is to get you to pull out your credit card and fill in the online form. Once you've done that they've got you by the balls! And something else we need to point out is the evidence a fraud we found in the terms and conditions . You can read it for yourself by clicking on this link which will take you directly to the terms and conditions . Or you can view the evidence below that we've copied from the terms and conditions .

This evidence is coming directly from their website so it's irrefutable proof that they are deceiving and defrauding their members. It shows and proves that they're scamming you by overbilling your credit card for services that you never asked for!

We are urged you to always, always, always read the terms and conditions of any dating site or for that matter any website, any app you download, anything online. In the terms and conditions corporations always explain what they're doing to you because they know that It protects them from lawsuits since the terms and conditions are there to inform you on how the website operates. It's your duty as a consumer to read the terms so do it!

UHitIt was a scam from day one. The owners never had the intention of creating a legitimate dating site. You can't even access the members area to see if there are any women you're interested in. All other legitimate dating sites always give you a free basic membership where you can at least test drive the service before you pay that's not the case with UHitIt. They want you to pay immediately because they have absolutely nothing to offer you.

Hopefully you found this information useful, if you could please share it all over social media and please help us spread the word about this nasty scam! If you want to search for real women, then look at these legitimate dating sites.

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