Wife sharing advice

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What does it take to build a lovely marriage? What would keep the two of them loving each other in the years to come? And I thought about the things I wish I would have known from the beginning — those things that really matter at the end of the day. Some are big and some are small, but they all add up over the years to a strong, loving marriage. Hold hands whenever you can. We do and always have. A simple connecting that goes a long way. Pray for him every day. What better gift than to offer up a prayer for him?

Ask God to bless him, protect him, and work in his life. Look for the many ways to love on him. Small gifts and thoughtful gestures. Surround yourself with those who will support and pray for you both as you grow together. And avoid those who pull against you. Real friends are going to cheer you both on. Go to the Word of God for the best marriage counseling. Cultivate your friendship. Never give up on each other. People go through difficult seasons and we get to persevere through them.

Confess your sins to one another. Be patient with him. Love is long-suffering, remember? I Cor. Show him respect. Leave off with the complaining. It only drags the both of you down Phil. Focus on those things which are true, pure, and lovely. Speak kindly to him. Gracious words are sweet to the soul Prov. Let the little irritations go. Is it really worth bothering about? Probably not. Keep the home fires burning. Intimacy is still important. Yes, even long after the honeymoon. Stand by your man. Make loving him your priority. Over your job, your friends, your extended family.

Even over your children. Give him — and yourself — room to grow. Express appreciation for the man that he is. Be an encouraging voice in that otherwise thankless world he lives in. Protect your marriage. Value your relationship for the treasure that it really is.

Never leave off with kissing. No matter how old you grow. Mark At the end of the day, what are the first words you speak to your husband as he walks into the room? Do you greet each other with a joyful spirit, seeking to find the positive in your day to share? Your approach sets the course of the evening and weekend you will share. Do you realize the power your words, spirit, and attitude are bringing into your home?

This post may contain affiliate links through which Club31Women might get a small compensation — with no additional cost to you. See my disclosure policy here. Every one of us has tremendous power to either build others up or tear them down through the words we speak every day, and nowhere is this more evident than in our marriages.

Are you being purposeful in how you use the power of your words to speak encouragement, strength, and love—breathing life into the heart of your spouse? Or are careless words having a negative impact on your marriage and on the heart of the one you love most? Matt and Lisa Jacobson want you and your spouse to discover the powerful ways you can build one another up in love with the words that you choose to say every day —words that every husband and wife need to hear.

These marriage books offer you Things to say to your husband or wife that deeply encourage, affirm, and inspire. Lisa is the happily-ever-after wife of Matt Jacobson and together they enjoy raising and home-educating their 8 children in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She encourages women to embrace the rich life of loving relationships and the high calling of being a wife and mother.

What would I tell him? That got me writing, here are some quick thoughts. Speaking Connect. She asked if we could meet for coffee. Clearly, something was on her mind. She wants a beautiful marriage. So we sat down in a quiet cafe and she asked me outright: What does it take to build a lovely marriage? And then forgive freely. Put on love. Above all things. These encouraging, helpful books are available on Amazon!

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Wife sharing advice

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Wife sharing