Women who love to peg men

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Lol, it's probably more of an outlier fetish. I don't think it's "true" that "women really like to peg men", no. That kind of statement is pretty bold and seems to make that sound like an across-the-board, agreed upon fact that everyone is familiar with. I'm sure there are oodles of women that are into that, but as far as I know, it's more a sometimes kink than an everyday part of all women's sexual desires and fantasies.

Again, though, there are large sects of the population that like pretty well everything you can desire, so there are doubtless pleeeeeenty of women that get off on it. I just wouldn't go around assuming it's in every woman's sexual rolodex, no. Nope there's quite a few of us women out there who would love to peg a dude. I've actually never a met a man who would be into it. It's another story that women have made up about men. BTW,if you ever have a GF or wife that does this- don't. Didn't happen to me personally,but I've heard this several times from girlfriends, that so and so pegs her man.

I mostly prefer to be very submissive. However, pegging a dude is definitely on my bucket list! Who knows, maybe I'll love it and will wanna make it a regular activity. I would happily lay down in a small room filled of women and let them each have a turn Would definitely eat there again! Plus, what's a man supposed to do with a hall pass when he's in love with his girlfriend?

I've always wanted to be pegged by a woman, but I've never met a woman who was interested. Do women really like to peg men, or is it another story men have made up about women? Anonymous Jul 2, at pm Lol, it's probably more of an outlier fetish. the Discussion Your name. Get daily news , prebuys and contest updates. Straight Talk: Daily Newsletter. I agree to be contacted by the Georgia Straight. I may unsubscribe at any time.

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Women who love to peg men

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Ever heard of pegging? Apparently it’s the latest move that’ll boost your sex life