Young snapchat pics

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But why is that silly little ghost app so hard to let go of? Do people over the age of 17 still use it??? The answer is yes, and we spoke to them. Whereas you used to used Snapchat in to document you uni night out from pre-drinks to the cheesy chips on the way home, people still using Snapchat in told The Tab they keep it for the memories for a bit of nostalgia, whereas others use it to send nudes or contact their dealers. The Tab spoke to eight young people over the age of 17 who still use Snapchat and asked them why.

Here is what they had to say:. Also, I use it to reassure my housemates I am still alive while on blind Hinge dates. I have Snapchat on my phone downloaded still, but I literally use it less than once a month. The main reason I have it is for work, because sometimes I need to check videos on Snap Maps for things.

I do like seeing my old memories though from sixth form and my first couple of years of uni. I feel like Snapchat blew up and became really popular with our generation especially. Also, the Snapchat private stories are better in my opinion because you can have multiple for different reasons, one for the girls and one for everyone, whereas Instagram only has close friends story.

Also, the app has a better camera than the Apple one and nicer filters than Instagram. Also, speaking of Instagram, I feel like you need to follow a lot of people on there. I usually give out my Instagram handle which means I can give them a quick stalk and if I receive any photos I will block them. What other option have we got? I still use Snapchat because looking back on the memories feature makes me feel nostalgic.

I like to filter my own face because, like a lot of women in their 20s, I am insecure about my appearance. Plus, the memories feature is so fun as well, especially with seeing my life before the pandemic. Also, I use Snap Maps to check the location of my ex. We asked young people over the age of 17 who use Snapchat, why? Georgia Mooney. Plus, I can stalk my boyfriend on Snap Maps which is fun.

Young snapchat pics

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